How a video artist uses Noteshelf for work & creative pursuits!

Noteshelf Star Alex Dornier

Meet Alex Dornier! A creative, fun-loving, cheerful video artist and our Noteshelf Star from Montreal, Canada.

He is the voice behind numerous kids’ TV shows for Télévision française de l’Ontario (TFO), a French TV channel in Ontario. Most of his work has been in the TV industry working on shows like Vrak Attak, 100% Animal. Just recently he was one of the faces of Quebec’s version of The Voice Kids-La Voix Junior. For a year, he directed and has been the voice of the YouTube channel Topsicle Cinema. He has his own YouTube channel in which he creates, in his words, “Nice nonsense, in the form of parodies

We surely can say Alex is an early adopter, for iPad and Noteshelf! In 2010, as Alex stepped into a university, he found an…  well, in his words “I found an easy and elegant solution. I loved the customizable covers and the zoom box option, as back then we didn’t have precise styluses like Apple Pencil.” He has been an enthusiastic and a passionate Noteshelf-er since the very beginning of our app in 2010. Alex Dornier handwriting on Noteshelf

Here’s what Alex had to say about how he uses Noteshelf and what kind of notes he takes at work…

First I usually highlight and annotate my scripts at TFO. Second I use Noteshelf as a way of planning new ideas and emptying my mind. The flexibility of pen writing is perfect for me in this case. Lastly, I often make storyboards when I need to shoot something. For this, I use an old template from Noteshelf 1.”
Alex Dornier Noteshelf notes

Here is a sample of Alex’s workflow on Noteshelf:

Alex Dornier Noteshelf workflow

Handwriting has never looked this good!” , says Alex about his experiences with Noteshelf 2. And when we quizzed him about his favourite Noteshelf 2 features, he said “Certainly the new streamlined design and iCloud syncing. I’m also in love with the white theme and new covers.”

Psst. A French version of Noteshelf 2 is coming to App Store soon and Alex is passionately lending his support in localizing it.

As we came to the end of our fun conversation with Alex, we couldn’t help but ask him, how he would recommend Noteshelf 2 to friends or colleagues who use iPad to take notes? He said, “I have done so for years! When I used to work as a trainer for Apple, I even held a few talks where I was showing my use of Noteshelf. A few of my friends at school started using the app when they saw how much fun I was having with it!”
Alex Dornier recommends Noteshelf

What an inspiration! Thank you, Alex!

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