Vertical Scrolling, Quick Page Navigation & More!

Noteshelf v8.0 is packed with a bunch of new features, that instantly makes digital note-taking faster and easier. Vertical Scrolling, the one feature that you all wanted is now available on Noteshelf for iOS. Not only that we also introduced Quick Page Navigation and an easier way to add documents into the notebook.

Read on to find out more about these features-

Vertical Scrolling

Now scrolling through long notebooks is quick and convenient, with Vertical scrolling. Tryout this feature on the Noteshelf app!

Easily refer to your notes on the page before or after. Or just take continuous notes without having to swipe left for a new page.

Quick Page Navigation

With quick navigation for pages, you can glide through large notebooks with ease. Tap on the page with 2 fingers on the page to try this out.

Scroll the slider left and right to toggle between pages or scroll and navigate to a different page anywhere in the notebook.

Swipe Left for More!

Adding a new template or scanning a document is now more convenient with the new swipe options. You can,

  • create a new page from a template
  • add a new page
  • add a new page from image
  • scan/import a new document.

Hint: Make sure you don’t swipe it all the way!

Check out our KnowledgeBase post to find out how to use these features!

Go ahead and install the latest version of Noteshelf from the AppStore┬áto try out these cool new features. And don’t forget to leave us a rating!

Happy note-taking!

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