Transparent Notebook Covers in Noteshelf 2

How awesome would it be if you could quickly scan through your bookshelf and get to the notebook you wish to open in a snap? On popular demand, we have introduced ‘Transparent’ notebook covers. Scanning across your bookshelf to find the right book becomes very easy now. With ‘Transparent’  notebook covers, you can preview the first page of your notebook. If you have unique first-page content, you can instantly recognize the book you wish to open!

Uses of transparent notebook covers:

Let us explore some scenarios in which transparent covers make your Noteshelf experience better.


If you are a teacher and have notebooks with your students’ photos on the first page, it becomes easy for you to find the right notebook easily.


Students would love this. A unique color band for every subject and 12 color bands to choose from! You can also preview the notebook content! For instance, in the following screenshot of the main shelf, yellow is for history notes, orange for mathematics, green for biology, brown for physics and blue for chemistry.  All these to make your note-taking for school better and easier.

e-Magazine lovers

Say you love to read a lot on your iPad. You have a library of e-magazines and have imported them into Noteshelf 2 so that you can annotate it easily as you read. You can identify the magazine you are reading (have already read or yet to read) through its front cover with ease.

‘Transparent’ notebook covers in Noteshelf 2 for eMag lovers

Business owners

Say, you are a busy professional with a lot of notebooks for your various business/official needs and clients. You have coded your notebooks differently and made them as your front page. You can now quickly scan through these codes to find the one you are looking for in a snap which helps you manage your time better!

‘Transparent’ notebook covers in Noteshelf 2 for business owners

Transparent covers could be used in numerous ways by engineers, doctors, attorneys and the 1000 other professionals! How are you going to use them? We’d love to hear from you.

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