Top 8 Improvements in Noteshelf 2

Noteshelf 2 has been out for about 3 months now. We are grateful for the amazing response we’ve received so far from our wonderful note-takers like you! We listened carefully and took note of all the feedback received on Noteshelf 2. Based on this, we recently made a number of feature upgrades and performance improvements. Here are the top 8 features we got into Noteshelf 2 in 2017.

1. Lot More Papers and Covers

Covers and papers have been amongst some of the most cherished features on Noteshelf 1. We started with a small bunch of them but now, we have grown to over 100 papers and covers. All to help you stay productive & have fun.

More Papers and Covers in Noteshelf 2

2. Customizable Covers

On popular demand, we’ve added a new feature where you can create and customize notebook covers with your own photos! You can choose from 6 cover styles and add a personal touch to your notebooks.

Customizable Covers in Noteshelf 2

3. Touch ID Support

Noteshelf 2 now supports Touch ID. So you can instantly and easily open your password-protected notebooks in a single touch.

Touch ID Support in Noteshelf 2

4. User-Friendly Pen Rack

The pen rack has a new UI which is much more user-friendly and simpler to use. Also, you can now easily swap between your favorite writing tools on the pen rack.

User-Friendly Pen Rack in Noteshelf 2

5. New Minimal Themes

A lot of us take notes for a variety of reasons and we often require our full focus and attention, especially while taking down important notes. Keeping this in mind, we introduced two new minimal toolbar themes – dark and light, for distraction-free note-taking.

New Minimal Themes in Noteshelf 2

6. Quick Access Text Tool

On popular demand, we’ve added the Text option on the toolbar to add/edit text boxes easily. This feature is just like how it works on the classic version of Noteshelf.

Quick Access Text Tool in Noteshelf 2

7. Handwriting Optimizations

Many Noteshelf-ers experienced a lag when writing in Noteshelf 2 on iOS 11. We have taken this very seriously and have made major strides of improvements to the handwriting speed. You should see a marked improvement since version 1.14. We are continuously optimizing our handwriting engine. Our target to make is at least 2x faster than Noteshelf Classic!

Handwriting Optimizations in Noteshelf 2

8. Great on iPhone X

For all the iPhone X users, we have some good news. We worked closely with Apple to perfectly optimize Noteshelf 2 for the gorgeous full-screen experience of the iPhone X. And yes, we do support Face ID to open password protected notebooks.

Great on iPhone X in Noteshelf 2

With these enhancements, we hope to make your note-taking experience much smoother, easier and better. Many more new and amazing updates are coming to Noteshelf 2 in 2018. So please do continue to support us in the New Year and don’t forget to share your thoughts and feedbackwe’d love to hear from you!


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