Tips for Students to Manage Exam Stress

Do you also have butterflies in your stomach just before an exam? As exams are a major part of academics, they require your maximum attention and time. But, this doesn’t mean that you overwhelm and become a bundle of nerves. It is alright to feel a little nervous about your exams. However, it should not stress you out affecting your health and academics. 

The ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has changed the format of learning and examination. A study shows that 32% of the surveyed students reported more stress due to exams. Another study shows that around 16-20% of students have high test anxiety. Don’t worry, we have some major exam stress-relieving tips for you.

Ways to manage exam stress

Signs of exam stress

  • Feeling overwhelmed and low with anxiety issues
  • Insomnia due to increased worries and tension
  • Unable to concentrate on studies
  • Increased heart rate, feeling sick or tired 
  • Lack of motivation 

Causes of exam stress

  • Fear of failing in the exam
  • Not enough preparation 
  • Constant pressure to get good grades
  • Difficulty in understanding the topic or subject  
  • Lack of self-trust 

tips to manage exam stress

Tips to manage exam stress

  • Make a study plan beforehand

    A proven way to manage the exam stress is to maintain a balance in your studies. Don’t just cram everything a night before an exam. Create your study plan for the entire year or semester. Prepare a study schedule for every subject and set realistic study goals. It will help you recall anything better in your exams instead of just drawing a blank. 

  • Use different Study techniques

    Use different study techniques to make learning easier during exams. For instance, note-taking could be helpful during classes and later for revision. An easy way to start your digital note-taking journey is with Noteshelf. A plethora of templates available in Noteshelf makes note-taking easy and fun. Similarly, flashcards are quite effective for reviewing any topic just before exams. Use PQ4R, SQ3R, and Feynman techniques for your regular studies. This will keep you prepared for your upcoming tests and help lower the exam stress.

  • Follow time-management tips

    Proper planning and time management will ensure better results in exams. Plan and set your to-do list. Prepare a schedule for each day and dedicate time to all the subjects. Set your daily or weekly goals and prioritize your tasks. Allocate some time for revisions and check your progress. It will give you a sense of achievement, thereby reducing your exam stress.  

  • Get ample sleep

    Sleep deprivation could decrease your concentration and affect your learning process. As sleep is crucial for concentration and productivity, lack of enough sleep could give you exam stress. Pulling an all-nighter before an exam will only leave you exhausted. A student must take seven to nine hours of sleep to enhance their performance in exams.  

  • Take breaks

    To prevent burnout, you must give your mind and body some rest. Taking short breaks after completing each study session helps in better concentration. Give your brain some time to rest, especially during exams. You can use the Pomodoro technique to refresh yourself.  

  • Exercise or go out for a walk

    To avoid mental exhaustion and exam stress, students should exercise daily. Exercise helps in releasing the growth factors in our body, improves mood, and decreases stress. On the other hand, going out for a walk may freshen up your mood and calm your mind. Walking in nature gives a soothing and healing sensation to our body and mind. It is quite effective in beating exam stress. 

  • Talk to your friends or family

    Don’t keep your anxiety a secret, talk about your exam stress. It is also important to stay motivated during exam times. Talking to your closed ones would give you confidence. Discussing your worries with someone will make your mind relaxed. Like, if you talk to your teacher or tutor, you might get some good study or stress management advice.

ways to manage exam stress

Every student desires to pass with flying colors. To achieve good grades, students usually get in a state of nervousness or anxiety. Taking too much exam stress will negatively affect you and your grades. So, knuckle down, recognize your progress, and turn these tips into your habits. It will guide you and help you in overcoming your exam anxieties. Be sure to take care of yourself.

Believe in yourself and make it happen!

Ways to manage exam stress

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