Time Management Skills For Student Learning

“If you want to be more productive, you need to become a master of your minutes.” – Crystal Paine

Students need to master their time management skills for effective learning. It takes a lot of effort and planning to streamline this process. It helps students to complete more work in less time which ultimately reduces stress and helps them reach their full potential. When work is completed on time and learning becomes effective, students will get time to explore their hobbies and interests too.

Procrastination is one major problem in students. Good time management skills help them to overcome it. Also planning ahead of time can help them become more organised and focused on their work. You can see a difference in the learning patterns. With growing standards and increasing subjects, students often tend to be more clueless and stressed out as to where to start. For all these problems, effective time management is your solution.

Time Management Skills

Managing one of the most valuable resources, time needs a certain skill set. More than skills, the below are the action plans to manage your time in the best possible way. Let’s dive into some important skills every student need to have –

Set your target : You should always start with an end in mind. It means you should know what you are working for. Just going with the flow doesn’t give you clarity on your targets. Define your goal, plan your process and work towards it. This is a key skill in time management. You can only plan and manage your time if you know what is your final target. Also you have to define your long term and short term goals to better utilise time.

Prioritise your tasks : The next step in time management is setting your priorities. It can be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your final targets. When you prioritise your tasks, you can have time for every activity. There’s no scope for confusion, you can be clear as in which task would go after what. You can prioritise based on the complexity of your tasks or based on urgency. Your day plan or week plan can be made based on these priorities. You will not miss an important task if you follow this way.

Stay organised : After you know what your priorities are, the next step is to organise them. A proper plan or checklist should be made which acts as a blueprint to your study time. An efficient management of time would very much require to keep your tasks organised. In today’s digital world, there are numerous ways to stay organised. You can make your own Calendar with tasks or set alarms for each task or even maintain study worksheets too. There are many apps which support you to stay organised too. 

Maintain productivity : You’ll know you are managing your time well only by keeping a check on your productivity and your improvement. Stress should never be a distraction. You need to look out for ways to cope up with it and maintain your productivity continuously. Time management is not just a one day or two day process. You need to work on your targets everyday. Motivate yourself to utilise your time properly to reach your goals.

Time Management Tips

While few students are a pro in time management, few still need guidance to manage their time well on their own. Here are some tips and tricks for better time management :

  1. Maintain checklists and task sheets for your daily, weekly and monthly targets. This helps in rechecking the tasks completed and the ones which need to be completed.
  2. Avoid multitasking as it’s proven to be an inefficient way of student learning. Remember, one task at a time gives you better results.
  3. Overcome distractions such as social media, television or other productivity decreasing factors. Motivate yourself to focus on your priorities. 
  4. Take frequent breaks which help you recharge. After every 30 mins, take a small break and then return back to study. This doesn’t make you feel bored or stressed. 
  5. Reward yourself after accomplishing a target. Your hard work needs some motivating factor to keep going. 
  6. Set time limits for every task. This way you’ll know your capability which pushes you to study within the limit. 
  7. Good sleep helps to stay on track everyday. Remember, your mind needs rest too.

Time management is an art by itself. The better you master it, the more effective your learning turns out to be. Student learning becomes easy and efficient by good time management. The tips and skills discussed in this article should be followed by every student to maintain a smooth learning system.

Happy Time Management!

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