The Noteshelf 2 – Schoolwork app integration for teachers

Create assignments in Noteshelf 2

A well-crafted homework assignment can,

  1. Provide students with tasks to practice a topic that has already been taught,
  2. Prepare students for an examination that is right around the corner

So, assign well-crafted homework that will benefit your students and give them an enhanced learning experience.  Add an assignment brief that clearly states what is the assignment all about, the topics they need to cover and any suggested references that they could look up to. You can also give specific audio instructions using the audio recording feature. Say, you have to give a reading assignment of 5 pages to your students, how do we go about it? Let us see how we can do this.

Publish these assignments to Schoolwork app

Step 1: Choose ‘I am a Teacher’

Go to setting menu and ensure that you have set the role as ‘Teacher’ in Noteshelf 2.

Step 2: Tap and hold on the assignment book, tap on the share icon, and tap on the Schoolwork icon

Step 3: Tap on Publish

Step 4: Read the Data Privacy statement and tap on Accept

Share the assignments with students using Schoolwork app

Open the Schoolwork app, create a Handout and post it.

Monitor progress

You can monitor the progress of the assignment using the Schoolwork App. In this reading assignment, a 20% progress means that the student has read 1 page out of the 5 pages in the reading assignment.

“With the Noteshelf 2 – Schoolwork integration, let us help you create magical learning experiences.”