Take text notes in your style with Noteshelf 2!

Taking text notes at the college or creating some brilliant bullet journal templates? The upgraded text tool will make your note-taking better and easier. So, what are the improvements? Let us explore them one by one

One-tap text styling

With just one tap you can now style your text, just the way you want it to be. All you need to do is create your text style and add them to favorites. Scroll your favorites and stylize them instantly while taking notes. Here is how you can do it.

Some more text tool features


You can use the colorful text boxes as ‘post-its’ for ‘reminders’

Students could benefit by using ‘post-its’ as ‘flash cards’ for revisions. Flash cards could be mnemonics or important points from your notes, all to help you revise and recall what you study.


Compose beautiful text documents using 3 different text positionings—left/center/right.

Text alignment for text notes in Noteshelf 2

Bullets/ Numbered points

Bullet points or numbered points add clarity to your notes by breaking long text blocks into tidy readable chunks. They are good to emphasize important points.

In short, benefits of points are:

  1. Breaks long text into readable chunks
  2. Adds clarity to your notes
  3. Adds emphasis


Use ‘forward indent’ option to indent the first line of a paragraph or to add sub-bullets under bullets. Use ‘back indent’ to convert a paragraph indent to normal text and to change the bullet levels.

Indents for text notes in Noteshelf 2


Checklists help us overcome difficulties in remembering a long list of items. Creating a list of things to do allows our minds to focus on other things, things that make our lives less stressful! Andy Singer, president of Singer Executive Development has listed 7 management benefits of using checklists here.

In short, checklists make our life simple and productive. Period.

Here is a snippet of checklists in Noteshelf 2.


Show off your fabulous text styles with the Noteshelf community, do share them here.

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