Custom Digital Journal by Paperless Movement

Featuredcustom digital journal Tom Solid Paperless Movement

Dr. Thomas Roedl aka Tom Solid is known for revolutionizing the Paperless Movement and going digital. The paper writing process has been the backbone of our entire working system. The digital revolution has helped in revamping this process. Tom focuses on minimalism to make people realize that yes, they can go completely digital.  How digital … Continue reading Custom Digital Journal by Paperless Movement

Noteshelf v 7.0 is here!

What's new in Noteshelf v 7.0

More accessible & much more convenient—the highlight of Noteshelf v 7.0! Feature-Rich Noteshelf Sidebar A feature that many Noteshelf pro-users have been asking for is a more powerful Sidebar.  We have renewed the way sidebar works. You can quickly access your categories from the sidebar, open recently opened notebooks and pin your favorite notebooks all … Continue reading Noteshelf v 7.0 is here!