Simplify your note-taking process with Siri in Noteshelf 2

Siri is simply awesome! You can ask Siri to schedule meetings, set alarms or reminders, call a contact or show weather details. Now, how awesome it would be if Siri could to do things in Noteshelf 2?


Go ahead and ask Siri,

“Create a new note in Noteshelf 2”.


Now, try saying these to Siri.

“Take a note called ‘History’ in Noteshelf 2”

“Find a note ‘History’ in Noteshelf 2”

“Open a note ‘History’ in Noteshelf 2”


That was great, wasn’t it?

Siri can do more in Noteshelf 2

iOS 12 has introduced Siri shortcuts. Let’s see what this mean to us, Noteshelf-ers?

Opening the notebook, “Meetings” is my daily ritual. I take note of all I want to accomplish on the day, record my fleeting thoughts and chalk out a plan for world domination. 😉 I open this notebook many times during my day at work and asking Siri “Open a note called ‘meetings’ in Noteshelf 2” every time would be such a tiring thing to do. I would want something short and simple like, ‘meetings’ to open the notebook for me. With Siri shortcuts for iOS 12, I can make this happen! All I need to do is,

  1. Open my ‘Meetings’ notebook
  2. Go to ‘Notebook Options’ in the settings menu
  3. Tap on ‘Add to Siri’
  4. Record my personalized phrase, ‘Open Meetings’.

Done! Now, all I need to say is ‘Open Meetings’ and Siri will open this notebook for me!

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Siri has made our lives easier and I am sure the fine folks at Apple will continue to make more of such awesome tech. We at Noteshelf 2 will work to give you the best note-taking experience!

Do you have a feature suggestion for us? We are all ears for your suggestions, shoot them out to noteshelf(at)fluidtouch(dot)biz.

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