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Say you fill a form over and over again several times in a month where most of the fields are the same each time. Or you have a daily journal that has some predefined sections and even includes a checklist. Or you have a planning workbook that you use as a starting point for any projects you do. In all these scenarios, the new “Save as template” feature will come in handy.

The idea is simple. You can create a notebook with some contents and save it as a template — it will be added to the “Custom” category of the paper picker. You can then choose this as paper for new notebooks (or add those prefilled pages to existing notebooks).

Let’s show you the steps visually.

Step 1: Create a new notebook and pre-fill with contents

daily plans blank Noteshelf 2 template


Step 2: Save the notebook as a template

Save as template Noteshelf


Step 3: Next time you have the same need, create a notebook from that template

Import Template in Noteshelf


Step 4: Start using the pre-filled notebook

daily plans filled Noteshelf template

We know your mind is currently flooded with ideas on how this can be useful—start using this feature now!

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