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Do you often switch between a lot of notebooks like I do? It could be a tedious experience to go back to the shelf each time to swap between notebooks. The ‘Recents’ menu introduced a few months ago was handy—saved a lot of time and efforts. By the way, this is now called the ‘Quick Access’ menu and the ‘Pin to top’ is an amazing upgrade. We can now conveniently pin up to 10 notebooks to the top. This is great, right?

What else can the ‘Quick Access’ menu do for us?

Quick access to switch between recently opened notebooks.

All we need to do is a swipe from the left edge of our screen and open the Quick Access menu to can conveniently switch between our notebooks without leaving the current one.

Quick Access Menu of Noteshelf 2

Quick access to notebooks from the shelf

This quick access menu can now be opened from the shelf too. It will be useful if you wish to access your recently viewed or pinned notebooks that are stored in different categories. Saves your time switching between categories—a handy feature, right?

Quick Access Menu in Noteshelf 2

Quick access to create new notebooks.

Tap on the add (+) icon conveniently located on the top right corner of the quick access menu to create a new notebook from anywhere within Noteshelf 2.

Quick Access Menu create a new note in Noteshelf 2

Disabling the quick access menu.

Not gonna use the quick access menu or is it coming in your way when you are writing? Just go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Quick Access Gesture and, hide it away!

Quick Access Menu settings in Noteshelf 2

So, how will you be using the ‘Quick Access’ menu? Let me know in the comments below.

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