Noteshelf Star – Cheryl Lawson

Noteshelf Star – Cheryl Lawson

Meet Cheryl Lawson who has ADHD and found a way to keep a tab on her chaos and keep a track of everything using Noteshelf! She has a Master's degree in Human Development and Psychological Counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counsellor, a Nationally Certified Counselor, and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. Read more about … Continue reading Noteshelf Star – Cheryl Lawson

Take text notes in your style with Noteshelf 2!

Taking text notes at the college or creating some brilliant bullet journal templates? The upgraded text tool will make your note-taking better and easier. So, what are the improvements? Let us explore them one by one One-tap text styling With just one tap you can now style your text, just the way you want it … Continue reading Take text notes in your style with Noteshelf 2!

Improved bookmarks in Noteshelf 2

Naming your bookmarks in Noteshelf

We constantly strive to help you organize your notes better. This effort brings some useful improvements to the bookmarks tool. ‘Named and colored bookmarks’ is our humble attempt towards making your note-taking experience easier and better. Naming your bookmarks With the new bookmarks tool improvements, you can give your bookmarks a name. But, how will … Continue reading Improved bookmarks in Noteshelf 2

Transparent Notebook Covers in Noteshelf 2

How awesome would it be if you could quickly scan through your bookshelf and get to the notebook you wish to open in a snap? On popular demand, we have introduced ‘Transparent’ notebook covers. Scanning across your bookshelf to find the right book becomes very easy now. With ‘Transparent’  notebook covers, you can preview the … Continue reading Transparent Notebook Covers in Noteshelf 2