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Online learning can be a convenient way of learning as well as a challenging task. Since the pandemic has hit the world, a lot of things have changed, especially for students who are not able to attend their schools and colleges. Thankfully, technology has a lot to make this learning process facile. Our young learners have already started embracing technology. Our app Noteshelf, available for iPad and tablets, is used to take handwritten notes digitally. Hand-written notes are a necessity for every student. Students globally have included Noteshelf as a study tool in their online classes. We have designed Noteshelf not only for students, but for teachers as well.


Online learning with noteshelf

Noteshelf for Students

Due to the recent ongoing pandemic, students are attending most of their classes online. We have designed and developed Noteshelf by keeping in mind the needs of the students. Noteshelf is compatible with your online classes as it is a digital platform to take hand-written notes. These hand-written notes hold a great importance to a student. Studies have shown that writing down anything helps you retain that information for a longer period of time.     

  • Write/type or record online lecture notes – Now that most of the classes are online, you can easily write/type or even record your lecture notes. Multiple page templates and pen types are available according to the need of a student. No need to search for different notebooks for each subject.
  • Annotate PDFs and online assignment sheets – If you are going for an online class, books are not easily available. Sometimes only PDF format is available. Easily annotate any PDF or use any image as a page to write on it. You can easily fill any form or assignment sheets given online and share them with your friends or teacher.
  • Share notes online – You can easily share your notes with your friends if you are physically present for the classes. But with the online classes, it has become even easier to share anything. Noteshelf allows you to share your notes in multiple formats and platforms. Easily share or receive a single page or an entire notebook.
  • Keep everything organized – If you are going to take a lot of notes in your online classes, you also need to organize them. In Noteshelf, you can create multiple notebooks in a single place.
  • Create backup – Keep your online lectures and notes safe by the Auto backup on OneDrive and Dropbox. Auto-publish your notes one-way into Evernote and access them anywhere.



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Noteshelf for Teachers

Noteshelf is not only beneficial to students, but teachers can also use it for their daily online classes. Its features make it a good app for teachers as well. Teachers can easily create, share, and edit their notes. You can read more about it here.       

  • Sharing assignments and notes – Teachers can create Noteshelf assignments for Apple’s schoolwork app. Students can download and work on them in Noteshelf. Or you can also keep them in any shared location like Dropbox or Google Drive to share them with your students.
  • Whiteboard mode – Teachers can also use Noteshelf as a whiteboard for their virtual classes. Mirror your iPad with an external display or a projector to explain or edit the lecture notes.
  • Keep students’ data organized in one place – Create multiple notebooks to keep data of each student separately in different notebooks. You can keep track of how everyone is doing in the class.
  • Creating notes – For effective teaching, good notes with proper explanation are a must. But now that the teachings are mostly online, you can create handwritten or typed notes on Noteshelf. You can even audio record your lectures and share them with your students.



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Now that students these days are growing up surrounded by the digital world, we are doing our best to cater to their needs. We aim at enhancing students’ engagement with teachers. We want to create a platform appropriate for both online classes and offline classes. Our digital note-taking platform is suitable for everyone who is dedicating the extra efforts for virtual learning.

Stay tuned for more such information on the Noteshelf app! 

Online classes with noteshelf

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