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noteshelf star Rebekah

“Then came a voice from within me
The Spring will flow where you’ll be,
The sacred ground you stand upon—is like to that of Avalon”

Meet Rebekah, a mum, a massage therapist, an Ayurvedic practitioner from Charlotte and one happy Noteshelf-er since the early years! It is her wish to be your guide in discovering your inner Avalon—your pathway to wellness. She found her Ikigai—a way to offer healing through touch. More about Rebekah and her business here.

Keeping all her notes organized –  is what got Rebekah to start using Noteshelf

She wanted a system to store all her notes from work, school, and life. Her search for a system that was visual and easy to navigate landed her with Noteshelf. Here is what she has to say about Noteshelf 2,

“I started using Noteshelf years ago, but the new Noteshelf blows all expectations as well as all other Note apps out of the water!”

Noteshelf Star Rebekah uses Noteshelf 2

The kind of notes Rebekah takes…

All her client notes and intake forms are maintained in Noteshelf. She creates notebooks for her clients and gets them to fill out an intake form. She adds client information in the same notebook and after every service, she adds notes and treatment plans.

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She understands that everyone is a student for life! She is taking up classes on Ayurveda and she keeps all her notes, handouts, slides and books in a separate category.

Ayurveda Noteshelf 2 star Rebekah


She maintains other categories to safely store all her articles related to her profession, journals, certificates, receipts, and recipes.

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Her favorite features in Noteshelf 2 are…

  1. iCloud sync
  2. Handwriting experience
  3. Ease of organizing, setting up, moving around notebooks
  4. Siri interface
  5. Ease of sharing
  6. Password protection of notes
  7. Adding photos
  8. Covers and paper templates

Do you have a favorite feature too? Do let us know in comments below. You may also write to us at noteshelf(at)fluidtouch(dot)biz.

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