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Paula, Our Noteshelf Star of the month, is a 23-year-old Biology student. A voracious reader, Paula is very active on social media. She is from the south of Spain and loves to play paddle in her spare time. Her Instagram account “ibiostudy” highlights useful tips helping and motivating many students. 

Read the excerpts from our quick interview with Paula to know how she uses Noteshelf app to stay more productive and agile.Noteshelf Star

What made you start using Noteshelf?

I started using the iPad for my university classes a few years ago. I needed an app that allows me to write on PDFs and presentations the same way as on paper, and that’s when I came across the Noteshelf app. Since then i have been using it continuously for my classes to take and annotate notes. Writing in Noteshelf app makes my handwriting look same as if I was writing on paper and that is what I like the most about it.

How often do you use Noteshelf and how does it help you in your day-to-day life?

I use Noteshelf app almost every day to annotate PDFs during lectures and to take notes during practical classes. It helps me a lot in my day-to-day life because I don’t need to carry heavy textbooks or notes. All my notes are present at one place, well organised and easily accessible. 

Note-taking app Noteshelf

What are your favorite Noteshelf features?

One of my favorite Noteshelf features is the favorites toolbar that makes the selection of pen and highlighter much easier and faster. Also, the zoom box is great to make more precise notes.

What are your recommendations to the people looking for a note-taking app?

I always recommend everyone to try this app because of the handwriting experience it provides. Multiple tools present in the app make note-taking so easy and fun. It is also very convenient to view and annotate my notes on Noteshelf app. Besides, I can have all my notes organized in sections and folders.

Note-taking app Noteshelf

Our team is happy to see how Noteshelf is assisting younger generations in their learning. If you are also a Noteshelfer and love the Noteshelf experience, then write to us at Maybe you could be our next Noteshelf star?

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