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Noteshelf Star Hadge Hughes from UK using Noteshelf 2

Hadge Hughes is a therapist and a mindfulness coach from Brighton, United Kingdom. He is a jack of many trades—loves to write, draw, paint, play some soulful tunes in the piano and the guitar. Hadge is an early adopter of technologies. He started with a ‘Commodore 64’ years ago, moved on to an ‘Amiga 1200’, then to an iMac, an iPhone 6 and now an iPad Pro 12.9 with Apple Pencil.

He always had a journaling habit but when the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil were released into the market, he set about looking for a digital note-taking app he could adapt to. He wanted something that offered a realistic writing experience, close to his natural handwriting. Being an early adopter, he had tried out pretty much all the apps out there and finally chose Noteshelf 2! In his own words, “Noteshelf offers me almost everything I need and the handwriting experience is second to none.”

Hadge Hughes Noteshelf 2

Types of notes he takes in Noteshelf 2

Hadge takes a variety of notes in Noteshelf 2. He uses Noteshelf 2 to note down ideas & lists; maintain daily journals; plan his projects; keep track of meetings & appointments; and for sketching.

Hadge’s clickable day planner

He designs and creates his own templates in PDF format. These templates have clickable hyperlinks. His ‘Day Planner’ is available in the inspirations tab. You could also get it by directly asking Hadge here.

Hadge Hughes clickable daily planner on Noteshlef 2

He also used Noteshelf 2 to research, plan and organize an online course on mindfulness.

Noteshelf 2 Hadge Hughes' idea pad

Some snippets of his note-taking

His favorites in Noteshelf 2

  1. Pen tool
  2. Choice of fonts
  3. Page Tags
  4. Audio recording
  5. Importing PDFs with hyperlinks

Hadge Hughes' favorites in Noteshelf 2

Do you have a digital journal template to share? Write to me at kailas(at)fluidtouch(dot)biz.

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