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Tom Solid Noteshelf Star

Tom Solid, as we fondly call him in the Paperless Community has always been dreaming of a green future, where technology meets nature! He has been taking the concept of going paperless a notch higher every day through his #PaperlessMovement. We both share the same vision and that is how we discovered each other.

Tom Solid grew up in an environment where technology was adopted pretty early. He has been surrounded by latest gadgets almost always. He studies apps, systems of productivity and helps people go paperless. A more systematic representation of his efforts can be seen on his website #PaperlessMovement. It has now become a forum for like-minded people from across the globe. The community is where they try out, compare and discuss everything paperless. They discuss productivity apps, note-taking apps and more.

Tom Solid’s favorite note-taking app, Noteshelf 2.

After over a year of testing and searching for the best note-taking app for his use, Tom Solid has settled with Noteshelf 2. In this video titled, Best Note-Taking App for iPad Pro and Apple Pencil 2018, Tom compares 3 popular apps. He shares his thoughts on how and why he settled with Noteshelf 2. Go check it out!


The kind of notes Tom takes in Noteshelf 2

Here is a sneak peek into Tom Solid’s paperless workflow! Noteshelf 2 is his go-to application for note-taking.

sneak peek into Tom Solid’s paperless workflow

Tom’s favorites in Noteshelf 2

Noteshelf Club

We and Tom share a common principle, “Engaged community is the key!”. Here is what he had to say about it!

Noteshelf Club - Engaged community is the key!

Integration with other apps

Tom likes the auto-publish to Evernote feature as it is one of the key elements in his Paperless Workflow. The Apple Watch Integration and the handwriting focus of Noteshelf 2 will simply the note-taking process.

Integration with other apps in Noteshelf 2

Compatibility with Digital Journals

Tom likes how PDFs and digital journals are handled in Noteshelf 2. He has built his own digital journal that is minimalistic and retina ready. He is running a sale on his eBook Bundle – “Paperless Note-Taking Like A Pro” and was kind enough to give an additional 15% discount exclusively for Noteshelf-ers. Use the code, ‘NS2DIGITAL’ here >>

tom solid digital journal 2019 eBook Bundle - "Paperless Note-Taking Like A Pro"

We are happy to see that he has settled with Noteshelf 2 for his note-taking requirements. People familiar with Tom know that he has always been impartial in reviews. He critically evaluates all the apps and this has been of great help to us. We were able to note feature requests from the Paperless Community and add many requested features in the past year. He has given us a long list of features to be added and we are positive that we will add them in 2019.

Wish you a happy and prosperous New Year 2019!

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