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Thank you note to Billy Abrams Noteshelf Star

It’s an absolute honor & privilege to introduce Billy Abrams as the Noteshelf Star of this month—A tribute to his loyalty! He has been with us since we were taking our initial baby steps in the app development industry!!

Billy works for Law Enforcement & hails from the small but festive city of Lafayette, Louisiana. With the crime rates in the city being 93% higher than the national average, he is one tough guy & is super busy going about his daily routines. He takes care of everything to do with public relations. He is also responsible for introducing ways to ease out the day-to-day workflow for his entire service department.

One of his important duties is to play the key participant in different types of meetings throughout the day and that’s where Noteshelf comes into place. He is always in a hurry and needs something to take notes quickly and edit them on the fly.

Billy Abrams uses Noteshelf 2

To him, what makes Noteshelf special is its versatility. He loves it that he can take varied kind of notes and still port them all at the same place. His notebooks represent each of his important meetings to him. And they’re the base from which he plots different ideas that make everyone’s workflow easier in his agency.

Billy Abrams takes handwritten notes in Noteshelf 2

Now, coming to his absolutes about the app so far, the recently introduced ‘handwriting to text conversion’ feature is what makes the app totally complete for him!

Billy Abrams loves Noteshelf 2

We thank you Billy, for your service in the Law Enforcement that keeps us all safe! Share the inspiration you drew from Billy and how you use the app in your field of service.

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