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After months of relentless hard work, we have come up with exciting new features that would make your note-taking experience not just easier but also fun. We are always willing to go an extra mile when it comes to making our customers happy. Just like you, we had a really eventful and productive year and we want to share with you all the features that we have replaced or added to Noteshelf. Are you ready?

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Our team has worked tirelessly all round the year to deliver the most requested features. Let’s take a look at some of the major 2020 features releases:

  • All notebook categories 

    No more hassle of looking for different notebooks. You can now find your notebooks from all different categories through the ‘All Notes’ category feature.

  • Google drive backup and more 

    With the Google drive backup feature, you now have the option to backup your files in the Google drive apart from the existing iCloud backup. In addition to these, few other features were added such as the imported documents orientation fixing, and clickable web links within the text boxes to make your note-taking much easier.

  • Vertical scrolling

    The most requested and awaited feature, vertical scrolling, was finally released in 2020. You can now change the page scrolling direction from horizontal to vertical for a faster navigation between the pages. 

  • Delete pages to trash

    This feature cleared all the worries users have when they accidentally delete a page. The deleted pages are now moved to ‘Trash’ and you can restore them anytime.

  • Lasso rotation for annotation

     If you like creating notes in your style, then this feature will definitely become your favorite. Not just the images and pictures, you can now use the lasso tool to rotate the handwritten content as well to create beautiful journals and notes.

  • Entire DB backup

    This is definitely an add-on to your feature lists as it keeps your work secure. With this new feature, you can now backup all the notebooks along with categories and folders to your local device and access them easily anytime you want.

Along with these major releases we wanted to make 2021 a happy year for our users. Therefore, we added 2021 digital diaries and holiday packs in our stores, so our users can make their coming year more productive with Noteshelf.

Don’t miss on these 2021 releases:

  • New penrack UI enhancements

    The new favorite toolbar grabs the attention and allows users to select their favorite pen and color without having to search for the color in the palette every time. With the new pen slider, users can now choose from a wide range of dynamic pen sizes.

  • Quick creation of notebooks and manual sorting

    Now users can sort notebooks in the shelf manually and scribble a quick note with just a single tap. We have also added more options to the group contextual menu.

  • New color picker

    Color selection is now quicker than before with the new color picker. Choose individual colors from your favorite color palettes or select an entire palette and make your notes more beautiful and productive.

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We want your note-taking experience to be impeccable and well organised. Your valuable feedback and insights have helped us to deliver a much better experience. We are always looking for ways to keep our customers satisfied and we believe that these new features will provide you great values. Stay tuned for upcoming updates. In the meantime, do check out our blog for more interesting articles.

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