Noteshelf: Our accomplishments so far into 2021

“Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” – Michael Jordan

Despite all that 2020 did to disrupt our lifestyles and test our ability to work remotely, we emerged stronger than ever. The past few months have been graciously wonderful for us Noteshelfers with feature-packed updates, brand new visual content, and an ever-growing list of new users. Let’s review all the new things that have come our way so far.

Note-taking in Noteshelf for iPad

Partnerships and New launches

In August 2020, Samsung announced Noteshelf as one of the pre-loaded apps on their devices Tab S7 and S7+. We’ve partnered with Samsung to launch our app on the Galaxy store for all Samsung devices. Noteshelf was also launched on the Huawei App Gallery for all Huawei devices especially in China.

A revamped Youtube Channel

Noteshelf’s Youtube channel is the place to go. We have introduced three new categories: How-To on Noteshelf, What’s New on Noteshelf, and Noteshelf hacks. The videos are a great way to get started with Noteshelf and get you the closest to using the app yourself.

We got on Medium!

2021 also embarked us on a new chapter. We launched our blog on Medium and have received a great response from our users. On our blogs, we share some awesome note-taking and study tips for students”. The blog also features Noteshelf’s latest updates”


Major Feature Updates


Custom Digital Diaries on Noteshelf Android

1. Vertical Scrolling and Quick Navigation

Our most requested feature for the iOS app in the last 12 months was Vertical Scrolling. You can now scroll through your PDFs and notes conveniently just like on a PDF reader. With the Quick Navigation feature, you can also skim through the pages without having to read every page. It offers instant access to pages without having to type the page number.

2. Backup your Entire Database

You can now back up all your notebooks with the categories and groups intact. The notebooks are saved in the files section of your iPad and you can retrieve them anytime you like.

3. Dynamic Pen Sizing Tool and Enhanced Color Picker

One of the highly requested features was the dynamic pen slider that lets you select nib sizes in increments of 0.1mm. Following this, we enhanced the color selection process by making it simpler. You can now just tap on any color and change it without having to scroll all the way to the back.

4. Quick Create from the Shelf

Create a new notebook with just 1 tap from the shelf menu. Just tap on the “quick create” icon on the shelf and it will create a new notebook with a default page template.

5. Manual Sorting

You can now drag and rearrange your notebooks any way you like with the Manual sorting option in the iOS app. Just drag down the shelf screen and choose “Manual”.

6. Custom Digital Diaries

Android users, we heard you! Now create journal entries or plan your next vacation with our custom digital diaries for Noteshelf Android. With daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly templates, you can create your own with any duration (up to a year*).

7. WebDAV Support

Our iOS users can now back up their data to their WebDAV servers. Just enter your URL and start uploading!

8. Movable Favorite Toolbar

Could this BE any more user-friendly? The favorites toolbar is not only movable anywhere on the screen but can also be minimized when not in use. Now take hassle-free notes with all your favorite pen tools by your side.

9. A3 and A5 Paper Templates

We added two more paper sizes for your notes. Now you can take your notes anywhere and print them with ease.

10. Presentation Mode with Laser Pointer

The new presentation mode lets you turn Noteshelf into a whiteboard. Use the laser pointer for your online presentations and annotate with the neon pen. You can also hide the app UI when sharing your screen via airplay.

What’s more?

Apart from all the exciting new feature updates, we also got featured on LeapDroid as one of the best note-taking apps in 2021. How cool is that?

This has been a fantastic, exciting, and thrilling year here at Noteshelf. There will be a lot of updates and new features in the coming months. Stay tuned for more and subscribe to our Medium Newsletter to get updates on all the latest features. Until then, Happy Note-taking!

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