Noteshelf on iPadOS and iOS 13

From Multiple Windows to the new Dark mode, every feature in the iPadOS is going to make our lives a little bit easier. I got to try this last week and I am in love with it! Jumping on the bandwagon, Noteshelf too just got a whole lot better with their latest update. Here are my favorite Noteshelf features on the iPadOS now.


An option to have 2 notebooks side-by-side is simply the most useful feature on the iPadOS. I have been using it religiously in the past few weeks at work. It is not just two windows, you can work with multiple windows of Noteshelf.

Grouping and ungrouping became much simpler.

You can also use this to move notebooks between two categories or even between groups.

Dark Mode

I have embraced the dark side.? I am a night owl and I’ve been waiting for the dark mode setting ever since it was rumored to come to the Apple ecosystem.

The system-wide dark mode now extends to Noteshelf too. The whole interface now seamlessly adapts to the iPadOS dark mode UI. 

More covers to complement the Dark Mode

A new theme asks for aesthetically matching covers. I was super excited to see a completely new set of covers and paper templates to go with the new Dark Mode.

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System Undo-redo gestures

Undoing your mistakes in Noteshelf now is even easier. Swipe left with three fingers to undo and swipe right to redo your strokes. Double-tapping with three fingers on the screen will also bring up the Shortcut bar on the top of the screen. 

Floating keyboard

You can now use a floating keyboard to type using just one hand. Working on the go just became much more comfortable! 

Plus it doesn’t cover a third of the canvas as it used to in the earlier days. I love that I can see more of the canvas and less of the keyboard! It also supports swipe to type-typing notes just got faster! ?

OCR Scanning

When you import an image with typed text, Noteshelf will analyze the text on the document and will make it searchable. It is handy particularly for businesses to digitize all paper documents.

You can even search for the text using the global search feature.

These features have opened up new ways not only in making my work easier, but also improved my productivity. It is much easier to create and maintain my notes even while traveling. The dark mode is not just aesthetic, it reduces the strain in my eyes during those long, tenuous study hours. I am in love with iPadOS and all that it brings to the table! Go ahead, try it out and let me know your thoughts.


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