Noteshelf For Working Moms

“Every Working Mom is a Superwoman!”

Life of a Working Mom

Working moms are always juggling with many things like household chores, meetings and other commitments. As a mom, there’s always so much to do and a lot more to manage. You’ll have to give a bit of yourself to everything that comes your way. It’s quite normal that you feel unorganised at some point of time. There’s always a solution to any problem but what’s important is to get the best one. 

Technology is turning the lives of many. There’s an app for everything in today’s world. We’ve seen our digital note-taking app, Noteshelf, to be helpful for students, working professionals, journalists and planners so far. But what’s more special is that working moms can use it for many things that make their life simpler. If you’re a busy mom, Noteshelf is your best option to stay organized.

What’s in Noteshelf for Moms?

It can be overwhelming to manage multiple things at once for moms. The right productivity or note-taking apps can simplify managing your every day life. There are a lot of people to attend and so many responsibilities to live by. Here’s how Noteshelf can help you streamline your life.


  • Organise multiple notes: Noteshelf has many covers and templates in store for you. You can choose your theme for each of your notes. You can create shelves and arrange your notes in each of them. What’s magical is that you can save your meeting notes, your kid’s study schedule, checklists and everything you want to maintain in a single place. It’s easy to go back to and check.

  • Journal your thoughts: In your everyday juggling, you need some time to sit back and reflect on your thoughts. It feels refreshing and light to write what you have on your mind. Noteshelf gives you a space to word out your thoughts too. It’s not just about keeping a journal, you can keep planners and trackers as well. Planners include your next week’s plans, meal plans, child’s study schedule, checklists, to-dos and many more. 

  • Use for Meetings and Work: Noteshelf makes work much more convenient. You can take your meeting notes and save all your MOMs in a place. Now that it’s work from home everywhere due to the pandemic, you can work with ease with this productivity app. The best part is our new presentation mode feature helps in giving hassle-free presentations online. Also you can view PDFs and share your notes within minutes. Now your work becomes easier and hassle-free. 

  • Plan your child’s schedule: Every mother’s major concern is her child’s wellbeing and their potential. For working moms it’s a real challenge. They have limited time to manage her child’s activities. How cool would it be if you could plan your child’s schedule, make meal plans, study timetables and everyday checklists? Icing on the cake is finding everything in one place. 


Start using Noteshelf Today

So if you were wondering about the perfect tool to help you get everything in place, now you have it! You’ve got an option to keep your brain less scattered and life a little less chaotic. Noteshelf is super helpful and can benefit you in your role as mom. It helps you keep track of both your work and personal duties. You can have a productive life with peace of mind. It only needs some of your time where you organise and maintain your digital notes on Noteshelf. 

Cheers to being an amazing mom!

Happy Noteshelfing. 

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