Your handwritten notes — always at your fingertips!

Evernote and us share a common goal — empower you to ‘Go paperless!’. Evernote is an awesome cloud and note-taking company, and we have partnered with these fine folks since 2010. Over the years, we have become excellent citizens of their app ecosystem for handwritten notes. Read on to know more.

Auto-Publish to Evernote

Have all your important notebooks saved into Evernote, effortlessly. Sit back and relax, we will do the publishing for you. Check out this video to know how to enable this powerful feature in Noteshelf 2.


Important things to note:

  1. There are monthly limitations to the data you can send to Evernote (60mb limit for the free account, as of today). So, keep this only to important notes. Hence we have confined this setting to notebook-level.
  2. Do not think of Evernote as a way to backup your notes, because you can’t restore the files deleted on Noteshelf using Evernote auto-publish. We provide other options for backup that you can choose from.

All your notes anywhere, everywhere!

Once set up, you can access all your handwritten notes not only on iPhones and iPads but also on your Mac or Windows desktop, Android tablets or phones via the Evernote app.

All you have to do is, enable ‘Evernote Publish’ in your notebook. Your handwritten notes become accessible from just about everywhere.

Search your handwriting!

Searching your handwritten notes taken on Noteshelf 2 need not be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Evernote’s powerful search engine diligently tries to make sense of your handwriting and make it searchable. Just one more smart feature that saves you time and energy!

Evernote noteshelf Search handwritten notes

Coming Soon:

How cool it would be if your handwritten text becomes searchable inside Noteshelf 2!


In a nutshell, Noteshelf excels in taking handwritten notes and Evernote makes them more accessible and searchablethis power combo is something you must not miss!

If you are new to Evernote, we encourage you to create an account and try using it with Noteshelf. If you are an existing Evernote user who did not try this yet, we recommend you try this right away!

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