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Over the years, we’ve tried our best to simplify note-taking and provide everything possible to make note-taking a better experience for you. When we first launched Noteshelf 7 years ago, we never thought we’d receive so much love and support from our users (like you!). It gives us immense happiness to see how widely our app is used in the day-to-day life of millions of people. Along with wide acceptance, we also received feedback and suggestions which helped us improve our app in many ways. But, there came a point in time when we couldn’t add advanced features to the current version and hence, Noteshelf 2. Noteshelf 2 is a more intuitive and powerful version of our popular app- Noteshelf! We’ve tried our best to include as many features as we could in Noteshelf 2 to make it the best note-taking app.

What’s New

Something new is always exciting. We hope these new features in our new app excite you too!

  1. Auto iCloud Sync:

You can have all your data synced with iCloud and access them on any device.

  1. iPhone Compatible:

Our all-new Noteshelf 2 is available for iPhone too.

  1. New Level of Grouping:

You can now create Shelf Categories, like Work, Personal, Leisure, etc and have various groups of notebooks and individual notebooks under them.

  1. Pinch to Zoom on Notebooks and PDFs:

Drag two-fingers outwards to zoom into Notebooks and PDFs to write and annotate better.

  1. Bookmark Pages:

You can create a bookmark for a page and sort pages of a particular notebook with the help of bookmark.

  1. Bullets, Numbers and Checkboxes:

You can create lists, outlines and checklists using bullets and checkboxes.

  1. Date & Name wise Auto-Sorting:

Now your books remain sorted on their own by date of creation or in their alphabetical order.

  1. New Paper Sizes:

New Noteshelf 2 comes with new paper sizes. A4, Mobile size, and iPad Pro 12.9″ size.

  1. Import PDF into Existing Notebooks:

Import PDFs into your existing notebooks

What’s Better (Noteshelf Classic v/s Noteshelf 2)

There’s always fun in making the best out of something already

  1. Major Improvement in Apple Pencil Support:

We’ve put significant efforts in improving the performance of Apple Pencil on our app.

  1. Shapes Tool on the Main Toolbar:

The Shapes Tool is now placed on the main toolbar for you to access it easily.

  1. Integrated Export Options:

We have simplified the export options now. Also, you can directly export a Notebook as a PDF from the Shelf View.

  1. Covers for Imported PDFs:

Add covers for imported PDFs from Cover Templates and personalize them.

  1. Turn Pages with Ease:

Swipe with your finger anywhere on the page to turn the page, even when the device is connected to Apple Pencil.

  1. Maximisation of Writing Area:

We majorly maximized writing area to provide as much space as possible for your convenience.

  1. Date Stamp on Pages only after zooming:

Now, you can see the date-stamps only when you pinch zoom-in the page.

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