Noteshelf 2 for Teachers

Taking that little extra effort to make your students’ future bright need not be cumbersome! Dear teachers, it is our pledge to make it easy for you.

Plan an enhanced learning experience

Lectures or presentations planned to a T is imperative in teaching. A well-planned lecture will have the right mix of concepts, examples and, teaching aids. Noteshelf 2 gives you the right tools to brainstorm and come up with an effective lecture. You can have a mix of handwritten or typed notes, images that illustrate the concept, customized audio instructions to make your teaching absolutely awesome.

What more! You get to search your handwritten or typed notes or convert handwritten notes to text with handwriting recognition features.

Search your handwritten or typed notes or convert handwritten notes to text with handwriting recognition in Noteshelf 2

Know more about this here.

Interactive lessons

Interactivity in classrooms makes studying fun and effective. For instance, you can show your students how to solve a complex mathematical problem, live! The ‘Whiteboard Mode’ in Noteshelf 2 will do just this. You can mirror your iPad and project your teaching aid through an Airplay supported display or a projector through connector cables. Here is a quick video that tells you how to use ‘Whiteboard Mode’ in Noteshelf 2.

Let’s say you are a language trainer, you will love the audio recording feature of Noteshelf 2. You can train your students to pronounce a complex word in the right manner.  You could also add specific audio notes on etymology, mnemonics to help your students remember those complex and hard to remember words. Your students get to review and practice them on-demand with absolute ease.

Distribute, collect and review assignments

You can plan and create assignments for your students. Add specific audio instructions that your students need to follow to finish the assignments. Once your assignment is ready for dispatch, store them in a shared location between your students and you. You can use Dropbox or Google Drive to distribute these assignments to your students.

Your students can submit completed assignments for your review by individual shared folders accessible only between you and respective students. You can then import them into your iPad to review and grade their assignments. You could also add a handwritten note or an audio feedback on these assignments! We support drag and drop of many file types in Noteshelf 2. Check out this video to know more.

Organize and monitor progress

With Noteshelf 2, you have the power to organize your lectures, assignments, student profiles, progress reports the way you want. You can organize them into categories or into groups and also sort by date or by name of the notebook.

Say, if you are a teacher and one notebook to track and monitor the progress of each student, use transparent covers with students’ photos on the first page, to find the right notebook in a snap.

transparent covers in Noteshelf 2

You could also use tags and bookmarks to make a personal note of students who need special attention to excel at studies. Click here to know more about advanced bookmarks in Noteshelf 2.

Accelerated learning

Provide an engaging experience to students with special needs & disabilities to ensure they get accelerated learning.

Thirteen Percent of public school enrollments in the USA are students with special needs. And it has been proven that many of these students can bring about the same standards of achievement as the other students, provided they’re given the access to specially designed instruction & support. And, this is where the iPad & Noteshelf 2 app come into place.

Teachers can play a valuable role in creating all-inclusive, innovative assessments that produce valid results for students with disabilities. The speech-to-text option, handwriting, big font sizes & spelling assist features help take these students a long way in their journey! Noteshelf 2 is a complete school package. Read more about it here.

“This is just our first step in helping you shape a bright future for your students.

Stay tuned, lots more coming this year!”

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2 thoughts on “Noteshelf 2 for Teachers

  1. I am a teacher at a secondary school and I use Noteshelf 2 regularly in my classes. One functionality I miss a lot is a way to temporarily highlight something.

    A great way would be to have an option in the highlighter menu which lets you decide whether what you highlight stays permanently or fades after a short time.

    Furthermore I miss a pointer which allows you to point at things in the app. iOS notes can do that…

    Keep up the good work

    1. Hi Jo Perkins.
      Glad to hear that you use Noteshelf 2 in your classes.
      Temporary highlighting is something interesting. Help me understand this better? How will temporary highlighting benefit you?
      I’ll ask the team to look into the pointer that you suggested.

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