Noteshelf 2 for Apple Watch

Imagine the convenience of taking notes from absolutely anywhere! This is exactly what we have done with Noteshelf 2 for Apple Watch.

When we released teasers of the app, many have asked us what an Apple Watch can do for taking notes. Well, with Noteshelf 2 on your Apple Watch, you can now note ‘the million tasks’ your boss is assigning to you in that super-quick weekly review meeting. Or maybe avoid that awkwardness of jotting down points on your iPad in a busy coffee shop on one of your client meets. Or perhaps record all those fleeting ideas when you are on the wheels.

It will be the note-taking assistant – the voice recorder that is always with you.

How handy it would be if your note-taking assistant can be with you, like always! With Noteshelf 2 app on your Apple Watch, you can initiate a recording session with a single tap. Record what your boss has planned for you, or the critically important points your clients put forth without being distracted of recording them. All your recordings are automatically synced with your paired iPhone. It will also sync to your iPad if you have enabled iCloud!

Noteshelf 2 sync - Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad

Your recordings and notes always stay together in Noteshelf 2!

You can create notebooks from your watch recordings or add them to your existing notebooks. You can then take notes as you listen to these recording on your iPhone/iPad. This way all your thoughts/ ideas are in one place with the original recording to playback at your convenience.

new page with recording template

Here is a quick walkthrough of the process

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