Apple Pencil double-tap—simplify your note-taking process

Folks from Apple have come up with something awesome—the 2018 iPad Pro and the 2nd generation Apple Pencil! The 2nd generation Apple Pencil has been designed for a pixel-perfect precision and to give you the familiar experience of writing with a pencil on the all-new iPad Pro. This coupled with its double-tap features lets you do more, more simply.

iOS by default allows you to set these 3 actions,

  1. Switch between current tool and eraser
  2. Switch between current tool and last used
  3. Show color palette

We have been using this extensively in-house with Noteshelf 2 and the results were exciting!

Apple pencil double tap

We bring you more with double-tap!

Noteshelf 2 on the 2018 iPad Pro opens up a new set of awesome possibilities. Features that can make your writing or editing process faster and less intrusive. Noteshelf-ers have been using the Shapes tool and the Favorites Toolbar a lot, and we have added double-tap actions to them too. We also support the default double-tap actions that the iOS offers to the new Apple Pencils.

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How Noteshelf-ers use double-tap…

We’ve reached out to some pro-Noteshelf-ers who have been using the double-tap features and here are some of their favorite use cases.

Taking notes and making quick corrections

Used widely by students who take a lot of handwritten notes, they make superfast corrections with the double-tap set to swap between the pen tool and the eraser. This is one of the most commonly used double-tap function in Noteshelf 2!

Quickly selecting colors

Visual note-takers use a lot of quick doodles to convey the point more effectively. Colors add to the visual appeal in the notes they take. But then, switching between the colors could be a cumbersome process for them. The double-tap to open up the color palette has made it easy for them and they are loving it!

Opening the favorites toolbar

The favorite toolbar in Noteshelf 2 has been an instant hit since its launch. It gives you quick access to your set of favorite pens that you use frequently. But then, if you would like to hide this for a distraction-free writing experience or simply to make use of the extra space on the top, all you need to do now is set your double-tap action to ‘Favorites Toolbar’. Voila! You can summon this as you please. 😉

Draw perfect shapes, quickly

Shapes tool is yet another popularly used tool by students. It is easy to draw quick shapes like a perfect circle, a triangle, a polygon or simply a straight line. Pro users of Noteshelf 2 are loving the double-tap to select the shapes tool option we support!

Annotate documents or images with ease

We have a bunch of tools that Noteshelf-ers have been using to annotate documents or images in Noteshelf 2. The humble highlighter is one that is used the most, and the pen tool stands second. By setting the double-tap to swap between your last used tools, Noteshelf-ers have been quickly switching between the highlighter and the pen tool while annotating. This setting makes annotating documents, PDFs or images will be a piece of cake!

Customize your double-taps to suit your workflow!

You can customize the double-tap actions from the Stylus settings.

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’
  2. Tap on ‘Stylus’
  3. Select ‘Double-Tap Action’


How will you use double-tap? Do you have a suggestion for us? Let us know in the comments below.

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