New Presentation Mode in Noteshelf iOS – For Online Classes and Meetings

Presentation mode in Noteshelf iOS

Now that online working and schools are a necessity, most of us struggle to give a hassle-free presentation online. Is this what bothers you and makes you less productive? Well, we assure you that the new presentation mode has tons of features that will now make your presentations distraction-free.

This feature is helpful for teachers and students attending online classes and professionals working remotely. You can now easily juggle multiple online presentations or classes. 

With the new presentation mode on Noteshelf, you can turn the app into a whiteboard. Use tools like laser pointers and neon pens to aid you with your presentations. You can also hide the UI for a presentation when you share your screen via Airplay or an external display.

To enable the presentation mode:

  1. Open your notebook and tap on the presentation mode icon on the toolbar presentation mode in noteshelf
  2. Select the Laser pointer from the drop down menu and choose your favorite color
    Select the Pen tool from the drop down menu and choose your favorite color
  3. Select the Hide UI on external display’ option from the drop down menu for white board display

To enable presentation mode on your app, make sure your app is updated to version 8.4.1.

Presentation mode tools and features

Laser pointer 

This laser pointer helps demonstrate your points on the screen. It lets the presenters draw the attention to a specific section while giving a presentation or lecture. It comes in three different colors that work on any page or background.

Presentation mode in Noteshelf iOS

Pen tool

The pen tool is helpful when you want to annotate something on the screen while giving a presentation. You can also highlight, mark important points, or sketch out a rough idea in your on-going presentation. You can choose the color you want from three different options. 

Presentation mode in Noteshelf iOS

Hide UI on external display

This feature allows you to give a distraction free presentation. With this, you can turn your screen into a white board without the app UI coming in the way. Let us show you how it works. Suppose you are in a zoom meeting on your MacBook and want to present something from your iPad or iPhone:

  1. Share your screen and select “via iPad/iPhone”
  2. Go to the control centre on your iPad/iPhone and select screen mirroring 
  3. Choose “Zoom-name Macbook Air”
  4. Make sure both devices are connected to the same WiFi Network

Once you connect your iPad or iPhone to an external device, you can enable the “hide UI on external display” option. This automatically switches your app into whiteboard mode. 

Note*- If you change a tool or switch to another mode, the annotations made with the neon pen tool will disappear. 

Presentation mode in Noteshelf iOS

Clear annotations

Clear all the annotations that you write with the neon pen-tool while presenting your notes. You can also use the undo button to bring back the deleted annotations.

Presentation mode in Noteshelf iOS


Want to know more? Watch the video below!

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