Make Effective Notes With Highlighters

Note-taking is the practice of writing down pieces of information in a systematic way mostly by students and working professionals. Taking good notes is the key to success. There are different note-taking techniques and tools to make your notes more readable. Highlighters are such tools and are a great way to transform your notes. It should be used in the right way to get the best results. However, use of many highlighters can make it a distracting process.

For students, marking their notes with highlighters helps them in concentrating on what is important and understanding any concept better. Highlighting notes is your response to your notes which helps in memory retention. Understanding what’s important is half the learning itself.

How do we Highlight ?

Highlighting your notes may look simple but it requires a thought behind the action. Here’s how you use this technique : 

  • Read the entire notes and get the overview
  • Read it more closely, part by part or paragraph wise
  • Understand the concept
  • Identify the important points 
  • Categorize different things to highlight
  • Highlight it in a systematic way

Tips for Better Highlighting

  1. Follow a specific format – As the most important use of highlighters is to navigate through the information and understand what needs attention, it will be efficient if a proper format is followed. Highlighting notes should be structured and uniform. Haphazard processes can result in distracting notes.
  2. Know what to highlight – You shouldn’t use highlighters everywhere you feel like, instead use it where it’s necessary. There should be a better approach defining your goal. For which the first important thing to start with is to know what you need to highlight. You should know what is the output you want from highlighting.
  3. Choose limited colors – Highlighting itself states that it’s a process to make a particle piece of text stand out from the remaining. It will be more perfect if you define your color palette before the start. You can pick readable colors and also note that using too many colors can be confusing.
  4. Annotate the highlighted content – This works better when you want to summarise the information highlighted. Also these can be the obvious conclusions of the text, keywords or queries. This is an open approach and is a good practice in learning. 
  5. Choose different ways for highlighting – Highlighting need not always be a straight line on the text. You can use different styles for different kinds of information you are highlighting. For example, if there’s a keyword, you can highlight it like a box. Making your notes both attractive and understandable is your own approach.

Highlighters in Digital Notes 

With the changing times where everything is turning out to be digital, even the students are inclined towards the smart study approach. Digital notes are a trend today. Students have swapped their notebooks with an iPad. Not just notes, highlighters are an important part of bullet journaling too. Highlighter art is a recent trend in the bujo communities. It has become the most important tool in digital note-taking apps too. 

Highlight Your Notes on Noteshelf

There are many apps exclusively designed for note-taking. One such app thoughtfully created to give the user a proper handwritten experience is Noteshelf. Taking digital notes on Noteshelf is no way different than jotting your notes in a notebook. With all the features to ease the process of note-taking, there are highlighters too. The highlighter feature comes with choosing your own color palette, 2 types of highlighters and different nib sizes of your choice. Also, you can add the highlighter on the text or send it behind the text using the lasso tool.

If you haven’t used the highlighter yet, do check it out.

Happy Highlighting!


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