Just how good is “The Navigator” by Raluca?

As a social-media executive and a student, I have to say that the struggle to stay on top of my day-to-day schedule was one of my greatest challenges until I started to plan my activities ahead of time. Without a doubt, my most beloved tool for doing this now is my planner! I never leave home without it and it is the command center that keeps my life totally in sync. If you are wanting to kick-start a new routine yet contemplating on best ways to do it right, read on!

  • Planning ahead has proven to greatly reduce the stress quotient, and keep me more prepared for obstacles. Part of the planning process is to create a contingency plan for the unforeseen aspects.

  • Formulating a proper workable plan of action makes my goals that much more attainable.

  • Planning also serves as a way to evaluate my ongoing progress. My daily and weekly activity log will clearly illustrate if I am staying on schedule or wavering thus helping me to make amends & improvise accordingly.

About Raluca

Raluca is a Productivity Trainer and the creator of The Navigator. With a solid background in architecture and product design, Raluca uses her skills to make life a bit easier, more fun and a lot more productive. So she creates digital productivity products like Master Planners, Daily Appointments, Hobby Journals (and more) for busy professionals, teachers and students.

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Raluca had experienced painful moments in her recent years, from losing a startup to losing a child. But she sprung back up & started to focus more on self-care, positive actions, emotions, people and new experiences. And The Daily Navigator enabled her to focus on positive reaffirmations & strip away the un-required junk from her life.

What is it?

The Academic planner from Thefeathers.ink has space for all of our ideas, goals, and brainstorms. This planner offers yearly, monthly and weekly sections, plus tons of space for notes and to-do lists. 


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It has a bounty of unruled planning space; weekly to monthly spreads for meetings, events, and to-do tracking; date-locating tabs; and additional pages for dreams, plans, yearly overviews, and much more like

    • Master To-Do list
    • Yearly/Weekly/Daily View
    • 12 month Vision Plan

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She has also provided a video tutorial to help users make the most of her planner.

Personal Views

I truly love how the clean interface helps me simplify my complex days. All of Raluca’s products are amazing. I use the monthly pages to chalk out my master plans and the weekly pages to keep me oriented with the nitty-gritty like my appointments, to-do’s, thoughts to remember, expenses and for documenting other key aspects of the day-to-day life.

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The reason it works so well for me is that the layout provides a clear focus on what is important. While it still enables me to empty my head of all the other tasks that are lurking around, it doesn’t go overboard. I can easily get to the actual planning of my day, week and month.


Other products

Other than her planners, Raluca has also introduced a few other digital diaries that make our life easier in any given situation. Her products always helped our users tremendously in simplifying and organizing their day. To name a few :

Teacher’s Planner

Digital Scrapbook

Craft Project Journal

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We at Noteshelf are extremely thankful to Raluca for letting us use her creations on Noteshelf. She was also generous enough to let Noteshelf-ers experience a demo of her planner “The Navigator”. 

Check it out in the app from the Inspiration Tab. Let us know what you think & how it helped you!

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