Introducing Laser-like, Sharp Pen

This “Classic Sketch Pen” has been the favourite among Noteshelf-ers.

current favourite classic sketch pen in Noteshelf 2

Just like the ink of a sketch pen bleeds through the paper and creates a nice soft-focus effect, our classic sketch pen creates a similar effect. While this pen is an absolute favorite amidst Noteshelf-ers since the early days, a few of our avid users wanted their writing to be sharp and crisp. So, we added a new pen-type to our collection of pens that we call the Sharp Pen. “Sharp Pen”, because you get laser-sharp writing just like the real-life Fine Sharpies out there!

Introducing the Sharp Pen

introducing sharp pen in Noteshelf 2

Sharp pen has a writing that is smooth and fluid but doesn’t have the soft-focus effect of the classic sketch pen, even when zoomed. This will become your favourite pen to add a fine level of detailing to all your creations. Here is a quick comparison of the difference in effects of the Classic Sketch Pen and the Sharp Pen.

classic sketch pen vs sharp pens

Sharp pen or the classic sketch pen, it is a matter of personal choice.

Choose the pen type you like the most!

You can find a horde of note-taking apps out in the App Store, who use vector-based engines to provide you only crisp writing. But, with Noteshelf 2 you get to choose from the fabulous four—Classic Sketch Pen, Calligraphy Pen, Pencil and the brand new Sharp Pen.  Get creative, add variety to your notes!



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