Introducing Inspirations Tab – Be inspired!

We constantly get amazed by seeing beautiful notes from our users around the world. For instance, look at this house done in Noteshelf by Cindy—it’s just jaw-dropping! These inspire and motivate us to keep improving the app. We also felt a compelling need to share these inspirations to all Noteshelf-ers as you can also get inspired and improve your own note-taking style. In this spirit, we have introduced the “Inspirations” tab in the Free Downloads section of the app.

Introducing Inspirations Tab – a springboard for creativity!

Inspirations Tab in Noteshelf

The Inspirations Tab can be accessed from the Free Downloads section of the Noteshelf 2 app. Here you will find a wide variety of ways in which Noteshelf 2 is used across the world. We hope these will inspire you!

Let’s look into a couple of inspirations.

Allow us to introduce, Dr. Oscar Campo. A Son of God, husband, father, engineer, sketchnoter and an illustrator. He is an avid noteshelf-er since the initial days. His creative rendition of spiritual wisdom termed #WisdomTips are absolutely stunning. They inspire you to be a better human being! Here are snippets of his #WisdomTips!

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Let us talk about Whitney. She is the voice & content creator for, Life by Whitney. In July 2016, she discovered the Bullet Journal® and so began her bujo journey – plans, trackers, lists, designs, ideas, and more! Plan, create, inspire, repeat. – the mantra that Whitney believes in. Follow her on her journey to a more creative, productive & happy life! Here are some snippets of what you can download from the Inspirations Tab in Noteshelf 2. These templates may seem complex and intimidating to you in the beginning, but these are Whitney’s widely followed and most popular tracking templates.

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You can download these notebooks, draw inspirations, adapt them into your workflows.

Our heartfelt thanks to all of the awesome folks who provided these inspirations. If you have something that can inspire someone, do reach out to We would love to feature you!

Stay inspired!

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