Improved bookmarks in Noteshelf 2

We constantly strive to help you organize your notes better. This effort brings some useful improvements to the bookmarks tool. ‘Named and colored bookmarks’ is our humble attempt towards making your note-taking experience easier and better.

Naming your bookmarks

With the new bookmarks tool improvements, you can give your bookmarks a name. But, how will naming your bookmarks help you? Read on to know more.

How could students benefit?

The named bookmarks now act as an index of your notes.  Create clickable chapter titles and you can jump directly to the chapter of your choice. How cool is that? Choose from a visual ‘thumbnail view’ or a simpler ‘list view’.

Thumbnails View

Naming your bookmarks in Noteshelf

List View

Naming your bookmarks in Noteshelf list view

How could working professionals benefit?

With the named bookmarks, your notebook gets an added level of organization. For instance, you can titles to your notebook and organize it by processes. Here is how it would look.

Thumbnails View

Naming your bookmarks in Noteshelf thumbnail view

List View

Naming your bookmarks in Noteshelf list view

Color your bookmarks

Color code your bookmarks to suit your requirements.

For instance, in this book, a student may color code chapters based on their respective importance in exams. Green would be chapters that have very less importance, orange for moderate importance and red for the critically important.

For working professionals, there would be countless possibilities with colored bookmarks!

How would you use these new bookmarking features? We would love to hear from you, share your ideas in comments below.

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