How to Use Social Media for Learning? Student Tips

It’s quite interesting how social media has become an integral part of our lives. In fact, the first thing most of us do just after waking up is to check our social media feed. A quick message or status is enough to catch up on anything, isn’t it? 
Perhaps, this addiction to social media can be put to better use. A study states that the use of social media for learning made students more dynamic and creative. In this blog, we will see how social media provides a plethora of learning opportunities to many students.
Social media for students

Benefits of social media for students

Social media provides smooth communication among students. It connects them to organizations, researchers, or any other student around the world. Let’s see how a student can benefit from social media.

1. Stay on top of the latest happenings in your field

Now that social media is trending and has become a necessity, you can read, watch and learn anything online. Moreover, you can follow plenty of informative accounts for latest happenings in your area of interest. You can follow not one but many experts in your field. Subscribing to different websites and get latest update delivered straight to your account.

2. Easy online learning

Social media is so vast that you can explore any type of academic content online. The easily accessible information has helped students globally during the pandemic. Stream live lectures or get important notes and announcements. Students can engage in multiple online learning activities. 

3. Platform to showcase your skills

Are you good at writing, or creating informative videos, or preparing beautiful notes? Well, social media attracts a ton of audiences to admire your work. Besides, it makes a student feel motivated and help other seeking easy study material. Sharing creative ideas and quick study tips doesn’t require a lot of time. Moreover, visual aids provide a faster learning process.

4. Online forum and networking

Online discussion forums are a major communication tool for students studying online. Through online forums in social media, you can get your queries answered in no time. Students join these forums to get suggestions and build their social networking. Students’ connections are not just limited to their batch-mates these days. They can connect with an entire student community worldwide. For instance, Reddit is one of the best online discussion forums for students.

5. Global exposure for students

Social media has made it so easy for a student to get global exposure. They can connect with other students from different countries and share their knowledge. With social media, you have the power to influence millions of people or create a global trend. You can raise your voice for a cause and get the right things done. 


How to use social media platforms for learning

  • Instagram

    If you deep dive into Instagram, you would see different study communities. These communities are flooded with study content inspiring and helping many students. For instance, hashtags like #studygram and #noteshelf are very popular for digital note-taking realm. Also, reels is trending on Instagram and many students use it to showcase their study journey.  

  • YouTube

    With billions of users worldwide, YouTube is one of the best learning tools for students. It provides unlimited learning opportunities. Students can understand any complex topic through videos from your favorite channel, for completely free! Also, you can be a part of learning communities and discussion forums as well. Some of the popular channels for students are TED-EdCrashCourse, and Khan Academy.

  • Blogs

    Students can express their ideas and voice through writing. It improves writing, creative skills and boosts confidence. Blogging provides the best platform for students to publish their writings for the world. Medium is a popular active blogging site that many students prefer.

  • Pinterest

    Pinterest is a visual treat for users, where they can share their ideas with the world. It is excellent for the visual presentation of an idea. People can create their own personal idea boards and share them with their friends and followers. They can also save multiple pins on a single board for a specific project. 

  • Facebook

    With 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook is the biggest social networking site. Students can join interactive groups focused on learning. Use this platform to start peer discussion, share information or create classroom groups. Hashtags like #study #studyabroad #medstudent offer many informative links and suggestions.

Final thoughts

As can be seen, social media popularity among youth is huge. Now online studies through social media has become a significant part of our learning system. While some finds it distracting, for others it is a great learning platform. However, we can’t deny that the new horizons of learning that social media has introduced are incredible. Certainly, social media gives you a voice, lets you discover, and gives you a vast learning opportunity.
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