“How to use Noteshelf like a pro” by Tom Solid

At Noteshelf, we work constantly to create a digital platform that can reduce paper usage. Dr. Tom Solid, our “Noteshelf Star” has embraced the “Paperless Movement” too. He is now a leading face of the paperless community. In his recent video, “How to use Noteshelf like a pro”, Tom explains how you can ace the note-taking process in Noteshelf. He has summarized all the features of the app along with its working and functionality. The video will make your digital note-taking process quicker and easier. His video is divided into different sections that cover all the details on how to use Noteshelf:

  • The first part of the video introduces the app and its general setup. It also explains how it can be used for student notes, as a planner, for annotating PDFs, etc.
  • Tom further explains how you can create, manage and organize notebooks in the app.   
  • Video also addresses all the note-taking tools and how comfortably you can work in a notebook.
  • Backup and security are some of the most important features of the app. The video gives a clear idea on how you can use cloud sync and password protection. 
  • Other features include direct audio recording in notebook and via Apple watch. Also, how you can import and use different paper templates and digital planners.  



Finally with the launch of the much awaited “Vertical Scrolling” feature, Noteshelf has taken a significant leap forward. Fellow Noteshelf users love that the app is getting better with every new launch. Recently, the most requested “lasso rotation” feature launch has added another milestone in our feature list. We have proven time and again to be an excellent note-taking app for every person in any field, whether a student, a teacher, or any professional. If you are an avid note-taker, you can play with different types of pen, colors and paper templates to create your aesthetic notes. It is the best way to create and organize your notes. Some of the latest features have given the app an additional impeccable edge and more comfort to the users.

 Vertical scrolling on Noteshelf


 If you also want to ace your note-taking process in Noteshelf then check out Tom Solid’s video on “How to use Noteshelf like a pro”. It will certainly give you a better understanding of all the basic functionality of the app. Features such as vertical scrolling, lasso rotation, etc., will keep you hooked. The app will make your note-taking process even more natural yet unique. 

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