How to Use Noteshelf for Work – Productivity Tips

Amidst all the desk chaos, it sometimes becomes difficult to find those meeting notes in your notepad. A professional needs a notepad to chalk out a plan, keep track of the meetings, and brainstorm ideas. It becomes cumbersome for many people to keep so much data organized and secured. What if you could keep everything arranged in one place, backed up, and safe?

Many professionals prefer Noteshelf, a note-taking app for their office notes. Its natural handwriting engine, note-taking tools and templates make it one of the best handwriting apps. Here are a few tips on how you can use Noteshelf to increase your work productivity.  

note-taking benefits for professionals

1. Take meeting and seminar notes 

You will certainly gain the upper hand in any discussion if you have already prepared your notes on the key points. With Noteshelf, you have the advantage of note-taking and editing your meeting notes as you want. Not just the meeting notes, use Noteshelf for your office seminars too. Instead of missing some important points, use the audio record feature in Noteshelf. Take your notes while recording the audio for later.

2. Jot down a quick idea or brainstorm 

Ideas can come to your mind at any odd time. With a handy digital notebook, you can list down your ideas at any time. Create a separate notebook in Noteshelf for your quick brainstorming ideas. This way, you can capture your innovative thoughts without having to carry an extra notebook everywhere.

Meeting notes in noteshelf

3. Client notes and intake forms 

Some professionals keep a track of their client’s progress. Organized data and customized templates can make this process easy and quick. Create your own or use pre-existing templates by Noteshelf to make your work effortless. For instance, a counselor can organize their clients’ data in one place and keep it backed up. You can also create digital intake forms which would reduce your paper usage. 

4. Plan an enhanced learning experience 

Who would understand the benefits of organized notebooks better than a teacher. In Noteshelf, teachers’ can organize notebooks with different covers and titles. Multiple writing tools are just an add-on for assignments, attendance logs, students’ progress, note-taking, and much more. Teachers can create and share the assignments with their students over different platforms.

5. Plan your projects or courses 

Proper planning is important as it describes the layout of any project. Project plan or course plan should be documented properly. This gets a lot simple if you have all the necessary writing tools handy for note-taking. Noteshelf helps you create any layout or storyboard effortlessly with its shape tools and highlighters. The pdf annotation feature, easy sharing, and backup options will make your project planning much easier.

Meeting notes on Noteshelf

6. Keep track of meetings and appointments 

With back-to-back meetings and appointments every day, it becomes hectic to keep track of everything. You can organize your day and save time, instead of flipping through your diary pages. Import any digital planner or journal in Noteshelf to keep track of your daily events. You can also design your own templates and save them in PDF format for note-taking.

Final thoughts

It can be difficult to stay in touch with note-taking once you enter into a professional career. But, keeping a note of your insights will streamline your actions. Whether a teacher, corporate, or technician, everyone takes notes and tracks their progress. This is what makes them productive and agile. 

If you are not a Noteshelf user, do give it a try. Let us know how Noteshelf transformed your working and learning style. Use @noteshelfapp and #noteshelf to tag us on Instagram, and @noteshelf and #noteshelf on Twitter and Facebook. We would love to see you as our next Noteshelf star.  

Noteshelf for work

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