How To Organise Your Digital Notes On Noteshelf

‘A place for everything and everything in its place.’ – Benjamin Franklin

That’s exactly what organising is!

The best thing about digital notes is the ease of note-taking. Organising them is the real challenge. Digital notes besides study notes may include many other things like journals, planners etc. Learning to keep your notes organised helps you become sorted and increases your productivity. While pen-paper notes are most commonly used, digital notes have become the new trend. As many students and working professionals are following this, one should be aware of the importance of the organisation of digital notebooks to use them systematically.

Organise your Digital Notes on Noteshelf

To make the best use of your notes, get back to them and revise, you need to maintain them well. Organising your notes is a time-saving process as it decreases your search time. To start with, stick to a feature-rich note-taking app to take your notes. Let’s talk about Noteshelf here:

Explore the app and it’s features:

To organise notes on a digital space, it’s very much important to understand the features of the app. We usually miss out on new features if we don’t keep a check. Noteshelf has some really good features to organise and maintain your notes well. Keep checking the app for new updates and features and try them.

Sort your notebooks: 

You can create separate notebooks for each subject just like your pen-paper notes. Start sorting on Noteshelf by naming and arranging them on shelves based on priority. There are custom covers and templates available in the app which can be added to your notes. This helps in easy identification of your notes and subjects. 

Add an index:

An index should be added at the beginning of your notes. This saves your time as your topics are listed out systematically. Index is the key to identification. When you start a new topic or class, add it to the index along with the page numbers and date. To ease your search even further, Noteshelf has a page navigation scroll that takes you to the desired page in seconds. Check this video to know more about quick page navigation –

Create categories and pin favourites:

Folders help you distinguish the type or category of notes. All notes of the same category can be put in one folder. If you want to maintain a journal, create timetables, save favourite recipes or any personal interests, you can create categories accordingly. You can pin your favourite Notebooks on Noteshelf too. Also, in the quick access menu you can switch between your recent notebooks. 

Add tags:

Tags are your time savers. They help you find any notes on the go. The main use of tags is that they narrow down your search.With tags, you can directly search throughout your notes. For example, search with the tag “cell biology” and all the pages with that tag would be displayed.

Bookmark pages:

Bookmarking is a common thing students do. It’s not only fun but also an important revision tool. When you bookmark a page, you can come back to it again and revise. In Noteshelf, you can add bookmarks and save them for future revisions. You can also color code them. Check this video to know more about bookmarking on Noteshelf –

Group your notebooks:

Though you create different categories of notebooks, you might still need to group them further. Like in the class notes category, if you want physics, chemistry and biology to be grouped as science. Noteshelf has this new feature of grouping the notebooks. Check this video out to know how to group and ungroup your notes –

Declutter and Reorganise:

Organising your notes is a continuous process. It’s not just a one-time thing. You’ll have to work on it in regular intervals to make it easy for reading. It’s equally important to declutter and discard unwanted stuff too. Organise and reorganise your notes every month to keep your notes well maintained and easy to understand.

Start Organising Now

Your notes are valuable, you need to treasure them. Keep them properly organised as it will help you understand what you have in hand. Noteshelf has amazing features to organise your notes and make them easily accessible. Learning to maintain your notes well by organising them effectively boosts you both professionally and personally. Do it step-by-step and see a lot of changes happen in keeping your notes in the right place. It feels good to go back and read when there’s no chaos in finding your notes.

Happy Organising!

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