At-home mum to a digital designer, a homemaker’s journey with Noteshelf

Kaite - a homemaker's Digital Planner for Noteshelf

When Katie Morsch, a diligent housewife and mother of 3, reached out to us about her experience with Noteshelf, we were more than happy to publish her story. With her day to day activities of a mother as well as being a homemaker, Katie has wonderfully adapted Noteshelf as a part of her life. She is now a digital designer who has come up with her own calendars and planners. We are delighted to share excerpts of her experience with Noteshelf so far.

Tell us something about yourself

About Myself, My name is Katie Morsch. I am a 38-year-old wife of a hard-working man, and mom of 3 kiddos. I have homeschooled them from the beginning, and my 17-year-old daughter just graduated this year. My 15-year-old son is a senior this year, and our youngest daughter is in 5th grade. We live in the beautiful Fingerlakes region and spend much of our time in the ministry in our community. Noteshelf helps us keep our busy lives organized and on track and our memories recorded beautifully.

How did you come across Noteshelf and how does it help your daily lifestyle?

I discovered Noteshelf when I was looking for a program that I could import pdfs (school worksheets) and then the kids could “do” them minus loads of printing and stacks of paper. Tried a number of free ones that just weren’t cutting it and then bought Noteshelf (the original) I loved that not only could it do what I wanted but so much more! No other app I had found at the time allowed for recording audio and adding it to the page. This meant now the kids could make digital narrated scrapbooks and reports! We loved that!

Then I discovered digital planning and the horizons widened again. Enter digital calendars and lists and recipe books. With these, we learned how to make our own planners in procreate and add links in keynote and then stickers in Noteshelf

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So satisfying to fill a creative need while being productive. And with Noteshelf becoming Noteshelf 2 along the way the possibilities just keep getting better. Thank you all for your hard work in making (in our humble opinion) the best note-taking app out there.

Katie has definitely inspired us to expand our horizons and do more with the Noteshelf app. Whether you are a professional teacher or homeschool your kids, Noteshelf will always come handy for you. You can check out a few more screenshots of Katie’s planners below

This is Katie’s story. Have a story of your own? Reach out to us at and get heard by thousands all over the world!!

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