Experience hassle free note-taking with the new Pen Rack and Color Picker – Noteshelf v8.2

Convenience and consistency, two things we really value when it comes to digital note-taking. In this fast-paced era where everything is digital, we refuse to settle for less. Whether it is UX design or adapting new features, our app has always believed in achieving the greater goal and meeting user expectations. 

We, at Noteshelf, are constantly striving to create the best product and equip our users with the latest features. Our aim has always been to increase the work productivity of our users and provide them with the best tools and functions. As we step into another year, we have successfully achieved another milestone with our latest release. Our team is super excited to share the most requested features with our users, the new Pen rack and Color picker. 

Pen rack with a dynamic pen size tool

Our developers understand the needs of the users and work hard to come up with the best approach. The new pen rack with a dynamic pen size tool which has been one of the highly demanded feature requests will certainly make your note-taking hassle-free. You can optimize the new pen size tool to take effortless notes. We have not only introduced thinner nib sizes but also a slider that lets you change nib size in increments of 0.1mm.

Color picker in note-taking app Noteshelf

To change the pen size:

  1.     Open your notebook and tap on pen size tool
  2.     Drag the slider button towards the right to increase the pen size 
  3.     Drag the slider button towards the left to decrease the pen size

   Favorite toolbar option in Noteshelf - a note-taking app                                                                                                                             

Favorite Toolbar goes mobile!

With the change in the UI for the Pen rack, we wanted to give a little more to our users. Why be just better when you can be the best, right?

Favorite toolbar option in Noteshelf

With the latest version on Noteshelf, you can now move your favorite toolbar wherever you want to! Your favorite toolbar is now mobile and can be placed anywhere on the page. Select your favorite pen and place the toolbar anywhere according to your convenience.

Enhanced Color Picker UI

Another major enhancement that we made along with the pen rack is the new and improved color picker. Now, the color selection is quicker and simpler than before. Select and add any individual color or an entire color palette from our color partner- COLOURlovers. With hundreds of color palette options, you can make your note-taking process more colorful and exciting.

Custom color palette in Noteshelf

You can select these colors either from the custom color palette or from the recently introduced Palettes section.

 To pick any color:

  1. Open your notebook and tap on the pen tool
  2. To change any color, tap on it and add new color by just sliding across the custom color palette
  3. Tap on the plus icon and pick any new color from the custom palette
  4. Tap on COLOURlovers to pick a single color or an entire palette

Color palette in Noteshelf app

We are happy to cater to the needs of our users. The collaborative efforts of our team will keep you updated with the advancing technology. Your feedback will keep us motivated to work better every day. Don’t forget to check out our Knowledge Base section and give us your review on Appstore. Stay tuned for more updates on new features.

Happy note-taking!

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