Handwriting in PDF exports is now searchable!

Say you are a student and take pages and pages of handwritten notes in classrooms. We support handwriting recognition to help you search and find the notes you want within Noteshelf 2. Read more about handwriting recognition here. Handwriting recognition in PDF exports

But then what if you wish to review the notes on a Mac, a Windows PC or on an Android device? Thanks to the powerful handwriting recognition technology under the hood, Noteshelf 2 now supports searching handwritten content in PDF exports too!

Handwriting in PDF exports is now searchable

So, all you need to do is export the notebook as a PDF after your handwritten notes have been indexed* and search.

*Indexed notes: How to ensure your notes are indexed before exporting?

Open the finder in the notebook and search something in it. Look for a notification that the book is being indexed. If you get this notification, please note that your notebook is being indexed. It will look something like this.

indexing page handwriting recognition

You won’t get this if the book has already been indexed!

Are you a professional? How will the searchable PDF exports help you?

Say, you just attended a very long seminar and have quickly scribbled many pages of notes. These notes may not be as structured as the ones that you would have taken on any other day. Yet searching for a particular piece of notes that you took during the long seminar session may not be a difficult task for you as you have handwriting recognition to the rescue. But maybe, you wish to review these notes on a bigger screen, maybe on your personal PC. You can now export them as PDF and search for the piece you were looking for in your PC too! Handy right?

So the process is, take handwritten notes – ensure the notebook is indexed – export it as PDF – open it in your Mac, Android or a Windows device – search your notes!


How will you be using this cool feature? Let us know in the comments below.

PS: We thank Megan for sharing her beautifully crafted Stats notes with us. We have used it to illustrate PDF exports in this article.

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