GRIT – Power of Perseverance and Key to Your Success

“Grit, in a word, is stamina. But it’s not just stamina in your effort. It’s also stamina in your direction, stamina in your interests. If you are working on different things but all of them very hard, you’re not really going to get anywhere. You’ll never become an expert.”

 – Angela Duckworth

For most people pursuing their passion could be challenging with many roadblocks. Sometimes, even with a good IQ, we face difficulty in achieving our purpose. But, why is that so? Well, beyond our talent or IQ, there is one more thing that is an important element of success. It’s Grit, a trait that keeps us committed to a task. It is a combination of character traits such as passion and perseverance that are important for our long-term goals. 

Grit - power of perseverance

Why Grit is so important

Let’s see why grit is so important even when you have good skills. Grit is a necessary trait for everyone, irrespective of age and profession. Whatever you do in life, if you are persistent even after facing hardships, you will always find yourself at the door of success. Grit is like an extra factor that is independent of your talent or knowledge. It defines your attitude to achieve something. 

Grit is a factor that keeps a marathon runner on track or an entrepreneur driven toward their goals. It is a growth mindset that we develop over time. Traits such as resilience and determination help us overcome roadblocks and push us to the next level. 

 How can we develop Grit?

Grit perhaps is more about your outlook rather than just a trait. Whether an artist, student, or anyone else, grit is necessary for better performance and achievements. We have curated a few tips on how you can develop grit.

  • Find a purpose and set goals 

    Identify the purpose and set your goals. When you find your purpose, you get motivated to start your journey. This is the first step of developing grit. Where you follow your passion and set your long-term goals. You can even develop grit from your short-term goals, like learning an instrument or any language.

  • Invest your time 

    We all know that most of the successful people were not made in a day. They invested their time in their purpose. For instance, an artist invests years in getting the best in their field. Invested time will increase your perseverance and show fruitful results.

  • Have patience and improve your skills 

    We cannot anticipate everything in life, things could be good or bad. Having patience keeps your mind calm even in the worst situations. It doesn’t let you interfere with your decision-making. Try stepping back and starting over, and focus on improving your skills.  

  • Accept failures and have a growth mindset 

    Having resilience is important, especially when we face any failure. Being resilient gives us the power to bounce back and start over. Like, losing a match or failing an exam is not the dead end. Instead, always look for more opportunities with a growth mindset. 

  • Keep an optimistic approach 

    As you probably know, it is not just the skills that keep you going. It is you, who should reflect on the positive aspect of whatever you do. Besides, being optimistic will make you focused on your goal.     

Grit - key to your success

Failure makes us lose sight of what we can achieve. Certainly, to fulfill your goals, you need an extra factor called grit that makes you confident, resilient, and persistent. It is your attitude toward your goal that embraces failure and strives for improvement. It keeps you on track even after you stumble and push you toward success.

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