Go Digital – How Digital Planners Benefit Your 2021

Plans are nothing; Planning is everything! -Dwight D. Eisenhower

When you want to plan something, it looks easy to grab a pen & paper and chalk out things. But wait… there’s something easier to do – Digital planners. How fun would it be if you could customise your planners? Digital planners have been around for quite some time. When we think of digital planning, it sounds too technical with a lot of typing. But there’s something interesting about them. Due to the creative freedom associated with it and customisation of its look and feel, you become obsessed with digital planners.

Let’s take a plunge into how digital planners benefit you…

Paperless and Eco-friendly : It’s always a debate when it comes to using digital devices over paper notes for your planners. But the fact that you can save tons of paper by going digital is quite satisfying. You don’t need decorative paper stuff and stickers too. Everything is available within the digital planners and can be customised as per your need.

Easy to Edit and Customise: This is a major advantage unlike in the paper planners. Everyone makes mistakes, with digital planners you get a chance to correct them immediately. It’s easy to select, delete, copy and also move things in a planner. When you jot down something in a rush, your handwriting turns out to be a little wonky. You can erase it with ease and make necessary changes when and where required. You have additional options to resize, zoom or add space in between. 

Portable and Handy : Hefty planners and diaries have always been a burden to carry. It’s harder to leave them as all the plans and deliverables would be in it. Digital devices like iPads and tablets are a solution to it. These are more handy and easy to carry. Besides, they are multi-functional. You can take notes, journal, plan and do many other things in a single device. Instead of carrying your notebooks, planners and diaries, you can carry an iPad or tab anywhere and everywhere. 

Stay more Organised : It’s nothing less than terrible to lose something important you’ve written. When you have too many notes or planners, it’s kind of hard to find a small piece of information when required. To avoid creating a mess while searching for any piece of information, you need to keep it organized in a single place. Digital planners make you better organized. You can create different types of planners and trackers without getting lost in the information. To jot down random ideas, you can create a planner in brain dump format. 

Handwritten Notes Digitally : Though the world is digitally going forward, we all crave for our basics. Digital notes are a trend with many advantages. But handwritten notes are always our go-to thing. What if we get to experience both in one place. Digital notes don’t necessarily need typing. You can write your notes on an iPad too. All the note-taking and journaling apps do support handwriting using a stylus. Also writing notes with your hand has a long-term positive impact on your memory as well.

Privacy Assured : When you write a diary expressing your feelings or plan something for your own self, you would like to keep it to yourself. It necessarily need not be the deepest secrets but you wouldn’t feel comfortable sharing your plans and thoughts with others. Digital planners are known for their privacy. There’s always password protection for digital devices. Also when it’s within an app, it’s more secure and can never be lost unless you haven’t backed it up on cloud. 

Digital planners on Noteshelf 

We’ll always be in two minds, whether to continue with the old school planners or join the trend of digital planning. After taking a look at the benefits of digital planners, your decision might become easy. Apps like Noteshelf have some amazing templates to plan out your stuff. A readily available template saves a lot of your time too. Also, there are custom digital diaries where you can add the start date and end date of any year and add your thoughts.

If you haven’t tried digital planning yet, you are missing out on something very convenient and fun. Customise your planners as per your needs and become more productive. 

Happy 2021 🙂


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