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We had released the first version of Noteshelf in 2010, and it received more than 25 major updates since then. Like any software, we had come to a point where making further upgrades to the app was not technically feasible, and we had to redesign and recode the app from the ground up. Hence, we created a brand new Noteshelf as a separate app and released it in late 2017. Since then we have made significant updates to the new Noteshelf and it is now among the top note-taking apps on the App Store.

We tried to maintain the first version of Noteshelf for more than a year and even wanted to give it a new life as a separate app. But again the technical feasibility of maintaining it was becoming increasingly difficult. Hence we decided to discontinue the first version of Noteshelf on 31-May-2019. You can continue to use the app, but you will not receive any more updates.

We invite you to get the new Noteshelf which is available as a separate app on the App Store at a 30% discount, only until the 7th of May, 2019. You can migrate your notebooks to the new Noteshelf with ease. Please review the migration guide for more information.

The new Noteshelf offers many new long-awaited features such as handwriting recognition, iCloud Sync, and an iPhone/Apple Watch app. The entire user experience is redesigned to be simple and flexible. Here are some highlights:

  1. Handwriting search
  2. Convert your handwriting to text
  3. iCloud sync with support for iPhone and Apple Watch
  4. Pinch zoom in notebooks
  5. Fully vector based (so no more blurring when zoomed in)
  6. Vastly improved pens selection and organization features
  7. A dedicated toolbar for pen favorites
  8. A simplified visual design of shelf and inside the notebook
  9. Siri shortcuts

…and many more usability improvements across the app!

Once you migrate and start using the new Noteshelf if you feel that something is lacking in comparison with the first version of Noteshelf, please send us a note to noteshelf[at] We’ll be glad to consider it for a future upgrade.

See you in the new Noteshelf! Happy Note taking!

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