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“You need to be a new trend yourself!”

In this world of increasing digitisation, there’s a new trend everyday. There are many trends in physical writing. Today’s writing styles and formats changed from the classic writing. Earlier before social media, we recorded our thoughts, feelings and activities in a diary. We jotted and recorded all the important things. Now that the times are changing, the physical diary is replaced with a plethora of mediums. Bullet journaling is one such thing.

What’s a Bullet Journal (#BuJo)?

Bullet journals which are popularly known as BuJo are all over Instagram and Pinterest. A NY-based designer, Ryder Carroll designed this system of bullet journaling. It’s customizable where the entire collection of journals is at a single place. This system revolves around the set of bullet points. 

The first question which strikes our mind when we think about BuJo is whether it’s a planner, tracker or a diary? Surprisingly it’s all of them. The beauty of bullet journaling  is in its flexibility. You have your own ways to journal, create your templates, make your own designs and make it as trendy as possible. To make it more instagrammable, it’s all about the aesthetics. A colour pattern and a good theme makes it more attractive.

Bullet Journaling is best for…

  • People who like to record all their priorities at one place and then work on them
  • Anyone who is into tracking their habits and activities
  • Planner lovers and who loves planning things ahead of time 
  • Someone who can’t stick to a habit and use the journal like a reminder everyday
  • All of them who want to be more organized with their to-do lists 

Why do you do Bullet Journaling?

Most of us are complex. We use multiple notes to write our thoughts and needs: office notes, monthly calendar and planner, grocery list, expense trackers and many more based on our lifestyle. To organize your bullet journal better, you can add an index at the beginning and then add your notes accordingly. This helps you find all the important pages when you need them.

You can check trackers everyday and do rapid logging. You can check it every month and work better for the next month. These trackers help in your personal growth and make you more disciplined. They help you stick to your goals.

The Era of Digital Bullet Journaling

BuJo which is the hottest trend to collect your ideas is no longer a pen-paper type. Diaries and sticky notes are replaced with digital notepad/iPad apps. Also many bujo enthusiasts often highlight the stationary used to journal, making it more of a creative task.

All you need to know and understand is that bujo is used to keep a track of things which are important to you in the simplest yet creative way. With an iPad you can have your journal and tools used at a single place. Bullet journaling is your own thing and it’s up to your creative imagination. As journaling is now a form of art, there are no rules.

Bullet Journalling on Noteshelf

Noteshelf App is one of the best and most used apps for Bullet Journaling. This app is designed for taking notes in the first place but it also has amazing features to create journals too. You can create templates with all the best features for your journaling needs. You can create Logs (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), Routines (Daily, Weekly, Monthly), Trackers (Habit, Expense, Gratitude, Movie, Mood), Personal logs (Self care checklists, Movie lists, Playlists) and different kinds of planners.

There are many templates available on Noteshelf. Few of them ease your bujo creation and few already created templates optimise your time. If you haven’t tried bullet journalling on Noteshelf yet, do give it a try.

Happy Bullet Journaling!

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