Faster, Smoother and more Natural

The Noteshelf development team has done a fabulous job in rewriting the handwriting engine from scratch using the latest technologies. I’ve been using Noteshelf 2 for over a year now and this by far is the biggest update I’ve seen in Noteshelf 2. So, what does this mean to us Noteshelf-ers?

Your handwriting is now faster, smoother and more natural!

Yes, our latest update has made it possible to take beautiful handwritten notes effortlessly. This means, no more lags!!

Experience better handwriting experience of Noteshelf 2

Loading of notebooks is faster than ever!

This beautiful vintage home is a presentation page done by Cindy’s (@didypanpie) in Noteshelf 2. It has a whopping 5,641 exquisite strokes, and thanks to the renewed handwriting engine it loads in a snap! You can download this from the inspirations tab in the ‘Free Downloads’ section. Go ahead and check it out.

Month planner page bullet journal

Fellow Noteshelf-ers loved it!

Here is what fellow Noteshelf-ers had to say about this update. We hope you love the renewed handwriting experience too!

Noteshelf 2 user reviews handwriting


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