Extra-Curricular Activities And Its Importance To Students

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Learning is not something that just happens in a classroom. It’s about the skills one learns to become a better person. The world is changing rapidly. New systems of education are taking precedence over the older ones. Each and every activity in school has a significance in shaping their students. Extra-curricular activities are one of them. They are an essential part of school life.

What’re Co-Curricular Activities?

The name speaks for itself. They’re the additional activities for students, not included in their academics. These days, extracurricular activities like music, art, sports, etc. are mandatory in schools. Above all, they are given high importance than academic performance. It’s phenomenal that activities like these improve the social skills of a child. Moreover, students will have a holistic development. They’ll  realise their interests which can be taken up as their career.

Skills You’ll Develop

Most of the intellectual skills of a student develops in a classroom. The scope of exploring their interests and strengths is exponential. But how do the students attain other life skills? It’s through extra-curricular activities to a large extent.
In addition, here are some of the skills a student develops from these activities:

  1. Leadership skills
  2. Communication skills
  3. Problem solving skills
  4. Critical thinking approach
  5. Social skills
  6. Moral values and ethics
  7. Creativity
  8. Logical thinking
  9. Analytical skills

Students will tune their mind and master their thought process and behaviour. Likewise, they’ll take initiatives with responsibility and motivate others as well. Communication will be polished through public speaking, listening and expressing their thoughts. Moreover, some life skills like interacting, respecting and maintaining good values can be attained.

Extra-Curricular Activities and its Importance

Students who take part in extracurricular activities will become better individuals with an active lifestyle. They consequently perform well in academics, build strong relationships and have leadership qualities. Here’s why extra curricular activities are important to students:

Relieves academic stress:

Students under the pressure to score good grades will struggle with finding the motivation to study. However, this academic stress will have a long-term impact on a student. It’s important that a student actively participates in activities like sports, indoor games, art, etc. It enhances the physical fitness and mental health of students. In addition, when you have a fun activity that boosts up your energy levels. Also, it automatically keeps away all the stress and helps you concentrate better.

Broadens scope of learning:

Students will have a number of options to choose from these activities. It promotes self-analysis and exploring their interests. Likewise, a student can master only one or two of the extracurriculars. What’s important is how do they master them. To sum up, the process of learning and becoming the best begins with these activities.

Better academic performance:

It’s always said, your academic performance becomes better when you undertake a hobby. You’ll always want to be the best in what hobby you pursue. The similar mindset goes in academics too. You’ll manage your time efficiently which in the same vein helps in academic development too. Students who are a part of these activities are on the road to success.

Boosts self confidence:

The motive of co-curricular activities is to inculcate a high spirit in the students to achieve their goals. Additionally, they inject many life supporting skills and strengthen their self confidence. Their competitive spirit increases. They tend to believe in themselves to perform better. It’s not the grades but the mindset that matters when it comes to success. Having confidence in yourself is the key to success.

Should co-curricular activities be pursued?

Well, the answer is a big YES! To bring out the true potential which is not always possible through academics, these are a must. With these activities, students gear up to the life ahead after school. Moreover, broader education is a right to students. To sum up, multi-talented individuals will be considered with a good regard too.

A job and career is not the only life ahead for any student. It’s the lifestyle which they’ll have to adapt to, the skills they’ll have to acquire and the situations they’ll have to deal with.

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