Diane Wright, graphite artist extraordinaire uses Noteshelf 2 for digital sketching

We love to discover what Noteshelf does for different people. This month’s Noteshelf Star, Diane Wright has actually blown us away with her creativity and skill on the app.

Noteshelf Star Diane Wright

Diane Wright is a superhero – QA engineer by day, and a celebrated international graphite artist in her free time. She loves teaching her craft to people and creates online tutorials. Her website features some of her spectacular artwork. She has also authored a drawing instruction book called “Drawing Made Easy: Beautiful Landscapes”.

Diane discovered the fluid simplicity of Noteshelf and found the best digital equivalent of a pencil and paper. Noteshelf is the most used app on her iPad. She uses it everywhere, jots down notes and ideas, makes outlines and document compositional scenarios using sketches and photos. For Diane, Noteshelf is a repository for her ideas that later take the form of the beautiful creations on paper. In her own words, “It (Noteshelf) is the ultimate creative assistance tool!”

Diane Wright notes in Noteshelf 2

Being a graphite artist, Diane can be considered an expert on everything pencil. Here are her two cents about the Noteshelf pencil tool –

Diane Wright favorites in Noteshelf 2

Diane Wright sketches using the pencil tool in Noteshelf 2

Diane loves nature and spends a great deal of her time hiking. She is deeply inspired by her hikes and the wilderness surrounding the small Midwest town she resides in Iowa. Her other favorite subjects to sketch are barns and rural landscapes.

Tree Sketches by Diane Wright using Noteshelf

Diane earned her Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from the University of Northern Iowa in 1981, majoring in Drawing and Printmaking and teaching certification. However, her career path turned to computer technology and she currently works full-time in software development in a medical auditing firm.

She picked up drawing again in 2002 after her children left for college. Since then she has become an internationally known graphite artist with her artwork showcased in many publications.

Diane Wright uses customized pages in Noteshelf

Diane loves the combination of iPad, Apple Pencil and Noteshelf 2. Working on Noteshelf is as simple as drawing with paper and pencil. Do you feel the same? We would love to hear from you and showcase your creations. Comment below or write to us at noteshelf@fluidtouch.biz.



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