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Dr. Thomas Roedl aka Tom Solid is known for revolutionizing the Paperless Movement and going digital. The paper writing process has been the backbone of our entire working system. The digital revolution has helped in revamping this process. Tom focuses on minimalism to make people realize that yes, they can go completely digital. 

How digital journals and Noteshelf could work for you:


Use a digital journal to plan your day, schedule your meetings, or keep track of your daily activities. The diverse features of a digital journal will allow you to use it for journals, calendars, bullet journals, planners, etc. with Noteshelf.

Easy handling

Digital journals are pretty easy to operate. You can easily navigate through the pages. With the numerous pen and writing options in Noteshelf, you can spice up your journal.


Your digital journal is private, so you can protect and secure it with a password. 

Backup and sync

Backup all your journal notes on the cloud and they stay safe. With iCloud sync, you can access your journals anywhere, at any time across your devices (iCloud sync is only available on Noteshelf for iOS/Mac).                  

Tom received a good response when he designed the “Digital Journal” for the Paperless Movement community. The calendar-term was fixed in the old version of his digital journal. In the new version, you can choose to have the journal for a custom term period. It is perfect for professors, students, or anyone who wishes to start using a mid-year planner. This time around, you can build your custom digital journal with just a few clicks!

custom digital journal year


custom digital journal month

This digital journal comes with basic and advanced layout features:

  • Landscape or portrait orientation 
  • Week starts from Sunday or Monday
  • Plan for 6, 9 or 12 months
  • Different journal views such as yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily page views 
  • Bright or dark mode for the planner 
  • Various layouts for daily journal views such as grid, lines, or dotted
  • Some extra features involve a ToDo list page, milestone page, and project manager. 
  • Customize your views according to your preference.

Make your day more productive with this organized and multi-featured digital journal. Jump to any page with a simple tap or add any number of pages whenever you want. Import this digital journal in Noteshelf and use it as your daily planner. 

Click here to get your custom digital journal.

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