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Meet Bella. She loves to take handwritten notes in class using her iPad Pro. She personalizes her notes with her signature handwriting and makes sketchnotes of her lectures. Her notes have a lot of doodles, emojis, and images inserted from the internet. She is more of a visual learner and she feels that this helps her remember the lectures better.


Janet likes it simple and perfect. She feels typing is the best thing for her. Her notes have lots of typed text and, Cornell templates are her absolute favorites. She draws perfect shapes with the ‘shapes tool’. She also organizes her notes with outlines and bullet points.



A hybrid style is what Alex is all about. He takes handwritten notes and sometimes converts bits of these notes to text using the “Convert to text” option. You can also find audio recordings of lectures in his notes. He records his ideas and thought processes on his Apple Watch when his iPhone is not around and later creates notebooks using these recordings on his iPhone and iPad.

You could choose from our wide range of pens and pencils to take beautiful notes. Handwritten, typed or a hybrid style, with Noteshelf 2, you have the absolute choice to take your notes just the way you want it. What’s more! We support handwriting recognition and you can search your handwritten notes with absolute ease! Enjoy the unique feel of the most fluid handwriting you will experience.

Export-import notes, PDFs, and images.

Did your bestie miss a few lectures and has no idea what was done on those lectures? No problem! You can easily share pages from your notes corresponding to these lectures with your buddy using the export options in Noteshelf 2. You could also airdrop whole notebooks in an editable ‘.noteshelf’ format or share it remotely over an email and other cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive. How cool is that! We also support exporting as a PDF or as PNG images.

Choose from a plethora of free paper templates and beautiful covers through our Noteshelf Club. Click here to know how you can download free paper templates and covers from the Noteshelf Club. Import templates or e-books from your favorite online resources into Noteshelf 2.

Do you still have questions on importing PDFs? Check out this video to know more.

Click here for the step by step instructions on importing PDFs.

You can also drag-drop to export or import in Noteshelf 2. More about this here.

Complete and submit your assignments

You can import assignments that your teachers/ professors assign directly onto your iPad from a common cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox. Use the wide range of tools in Noteshelf 2 to complete your assignments and submit it for your teachers’/ professors’ review.

Annotate, review and revise like a pro – be exam ready!

Annotate notes or e-books with Noteshelf 2. You can highlight important sections of your notes or make quick pointers for reviewing at a later time with the wide range of pens we support. You can also insert colored text boxes and use them as post-its. Click here to know more about post-its in Noteshelf 2.

Use tags or advanced bookmarks to review and revise your notes with ease. With our advanced bookmarks, you can:

  1. Give your bookmarks a name – named bookmarks now act as an index of your notes. Create clickable chapter titles and you can jump directly to the chapter of your choice.
  2. Color code your bookmarks – color code chapters based on their respective importance in exams.

Revise like a pro for exams - Color code your bookmarks with Noteshelf 2

Green would be chapters that have very less importance, orange for moderate importance and red for the critically important.

Click here to know more about advanced bookmarks in Noteshelf 2.

Organize your notes

Keep your notes organized just the way you want them to be. You can organize your notebooks into categories or into groups. You can also sort your notebooks by ‘Date’ or ‘Name’ in the shelf.

Sync your notes across your iPads and iPhones

Take notes on your iPad at school and review them in your iPhone on your way back home or while waiting for your turn at the Starbucks counter. All you need to do is, login and enable sync with your iCloud account in all your iPads and iPhones to keep your notes synced and up-to-date. This is how you can enable iCloud sync in Noteshelf 2.

Store your notes securely with auto backup!

Don’t worry about losing your notes ever again, we’ve got you covered. Auto-backup all your notes on the cloud with Dropbox or OneDrive and stay carefree.

Now, get all this at a 50% discount!

Educational institutes can purchase 20 or more licenses together and get a 50% discount on Noteshelf 2. Share this with your faculty today and get one on your iPad from your school/ university!

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